Red Sox Drop 3 to Blue Jays,time for trades and football

After losing three to the Jays with the trade deadline soon,the Red Sox are probably done.That means it is time for trades.I’d try for these:Peavy for Sandoval,Lester for Price,Miller for Hamels and Mujica for Stanton.Those are doubtful but worth a try.At this point,the world series should be Tigers vs Nationals,Nats still winning.Hopefully the Sox can at least have a record over .500.They’re either tanking or planning for the future.It’s better to have some bad years with a lot of championships than do good every season but never win a world series.So,with the Sox planning for the near future,it’s time for Bostonians to focus on football.The Patriots began training camp yesterday and are expected to have an excel season.I think Tom Brady is the number 1 quarterback followed by Peyton Manning,Drew Brees,Aaron Rodgers,Andrew Luck,Colin Kaepernick,Cam Newton,Russell Wilson,Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger.With a healthy team that has Vince Wilfork,Rob Gronkowski and Jerod Mayo back,an improved defense including Darrelle Revis and an offense that always stays right on track the Patriots have the power to win Super Bowl XLIX.My top 16 teams with projected records are
1.Patriots 12-4
2.49ers 13-3
3.Seahawks 12-4
4.Broncos 12-4
5.Colts 13-3
6.Saints 11-5
7.Eagles 11-5
8.Packers 10-6
9.Chiefs 10-6
10.Chargers 10-6
11.Bears 10-6
12.Steelers 9-7
13.Bengals 9-7
14.Browns 9-7
15.Rams 8-8
16.Cardinals 8-8
So it’s time to say better luck next year to the Red Sox and start talking Patriots and maybe even Celtics and Bruins.

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