Featured on WCVB Boston’s A+ Segment

Recently, I was featured in a news segment known as the “A+ Report” on WCVB, Boston’s ABC affiliate:

The A+ Report is a segment about students in New England doing exceptional things in and out of school.

WCVB picked up my story after watching my Keynote speech at the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) Visions of Community conference.

At the conference, I told the story of how I got into sportscasting and overcame adversity after being diagnosed as autistic.

You can see some clips of the speech below:

Since the feature on WCVB, Stitch has also picked up my story.  They included a shortened version of my A+ segment as well as an article about me and my story.

I’d like to thank Kristin LaRose and FCSN, Antoinette Antonio and WCVB, and Stitch for allowing me to share my story.  I look forward to more opportunities to share my story in the future.

Tom Brady Suspended For Four Games For Role In Deflategate

In my opinion, it’s unfair that Tom Brady is suspended 4 GAMES for his role in DeflateGate!  I mean, Roger Goodell does not know how to handle punishments in the NFL.  I have several examples.  My first one is about Ray Rice.  Rice was caught beating his wife on video.  Rice was only suspended for TWO GAMES!!!!!!  What Rice did isn’t just against NFL rules, but it’s against the law.  Hey, if you want to suspend Brady for FOUR GAMES, then suspend Rice indefinitely!!!  However, they eventually did after more video was released, but Goodell does not know how to set good consequences for domestic violence in the NFL, and I have another example.  Adrian Peterson beats his kid with a stick and he’s back with the Vikings this year like nothing ever happened!!!!   Worst of all, Brady got suspended right up until the Pats play the Colts, the team that blamed the Patriots for underinflating the footballs.

Also, Goodell fines the Pats $1,000,000 for DeflateGate.  The Saints only got fined 500 grand for BountyGate.  And the Pats were only fined 250 grand for SpyGate back in 2007!!!!  And Belichick was fined only half of what the team was fined.  The Broncos were above the salary cap by far in two super bowl wins in a row and in neither of them did they get fined more than DeflateGate’s fine.  Plus, they didn’t suspend a single player!!!!  I understand the Pats losing their first round pick again in 2016, as a repeat of SpyGate, but they also lose a fourth round pick in 2017!!!!

As Mike of Attleboro, a frequent caller on 98.5 the Sports Hub, said in this new hashtag, No Brady, No Banner.  #NoBradyNoBanner means that Pats fans don’t want the banner at the Opening Ceremonies since Brady, being suspended, was not allowed to come.  They want the NFL to wait until the Colts game when Brady returns to honor the Patriots for their win in Super Bowl XLIX.  I, along with 95.78% of Pats fans who voted on CBS Sports whether or not the supported #NoBradyNoBanner, said that yes, they supported it.

The Patriots need to start searching for a new quarterback for the first four games of the season before all the good free agents and trade options have gone away.  If they don’t, they’ll have to start either Jimmy Garroppollo or Garrett Gilbert while Brady is suspended.  Do you support #NoBradyNoBanner?  To decide if you support #NoBradyNoBanner, click on the link below.


Forget DeflateGate: “We’re On To Seattle.”

I just don’t understand. This whole “DeflateGate” thing is in the way of my Patriots fandom and super bowl focus. There are so many possibilities though. Robert Kraft complained to the NFL. A ball boy could be the culprit, as mentioned as caught on camera today. But I think Belichick’s right. Nobody on the entire Patriots ball club I think has lied. I trust in Belichick, and Brady I just didn’t think had any idea what happened. I think the Pats rubbed the balls making their pressure increase and they naturally had it be back down below after referee testing two hours prior to the game. Why didn’t the Colts get caught? Don’t know. Maybe they overinflated it for Luck’s feel. People just get used to inflating the balls the way the starting quarterback likes it, his preference. So, do not, N-O-T penalize the New England Patriots. Just prevent future incidents by tweaking the rules next year, so that nobody can rub the balls, and no more ball inflation cheating. Forget this, Denver cheated in both the 1997 and 1998 super bowls. DeflateGate is done and thankfully speaking of the super bowl, the Pats went to Arizona today just dodging a two foot blizzard heading for New England. Let’s just get our fandom on and focus on Sunday Night’s big game. Get some snacks and drinks, and get ready for Super Bowl 49, the 50th of these being next season. Who knows, Seattle could be tweaking their balls too. Forget DeflateGate, even though we under inflated a football ourselves at our cousin’s house that has a generator, as we stay there during the storm for safety. So, as Bill Belichick said, “We’re on to Seattle.”