College Football Finals Recap:Ohio State Upsets Oregon

Wow.  Ohio State, as I did not predict, beat the Oregon Ducks, routed them 42-20.  Quarterback Cardale Jones is getting a lot better apparently, he and his running back Ezekiel Elliot led the Ohio State Buckeyes to victory.  Although they may have a good mascot, Oregon didn’t show up studlike, except for draft prospect Marcus Mariota, who led Oregon in passing and was 2nd in rushing.  Ohio State is one of college football’s best historical teams, with it’s 6th national championship, making them 5th all time, but it was a rough path to this victory this season.  They many times looked done but after these dissapointing moments, they just bounced right back into action and got hot again.  They went through embarrasing losses, injuries and more troubles, but were fighters and still stayed alive.  I was even surprised when they made the Final Four college football national playoff in the 4th seed over Baylor and TCU, and they upset the Crimson Tide in Alabama.  With three draft prospects in Amari Cooper, Landon Collins and TJ Yeldon.  So it’s over.  The Ohio State Buckeyes upset the Oregon Ducks by the score of 42 to 20.  Final.   So college football’s over, but look for my NFL Mock Draft and my NFL Draft Recap later this year, if you’re a NFL and college football fan, which I’m not, so don’t come to me for a detailed college football story.  I only made this post through research on ESPN, and only did it because of readers who are college football fans, and it was a top story in sports, which I cover along with top Boston sports stories.  That’s why I called my blog Boston SportsMania.

Mariota,Ducks defeat Winston, Seminoles, Buckeyes defeat Amari Cooper and Alabama to take on Oregon In Finals

College Football Semifinals went partially as I predicted.  First, I thought it would be Oregon, Florida State, Alabama, Baylor for the final four.  The seeding was different and Ohio State took the Baylor Bears spot.  I thought Oregon would beat the Bears, the Seminoles would take down Alabama, and Oregon would win it all.  The matches were different, Oregon-Florida State and Alabama-Ohio State, and I predicted incorrectly that Alabama would face Oregon, who I was right about, in the finals.  I just think Marcus Mariota is a better quarterback then the great Jameis Winston and the teams are otherwise pretty equal, other than Seminoles tight end Nick O’ Leary.  I was right, as the Ducks went on to blow out the Seminoles, 59-20.  The Ducks defense was also good, as the Seminoles fumbled, Tony Washington returned it for a defensive touchdown.    I’m not huge on college football, so I don’t have much more on that.  That was only the Rose Bowl.
Wait till you see how little I know about the Sugar Bowl.  It’s because I watch top draft prospects only,  in order to make a Mock Draft which should be posted by February, March at latest.  I will update it in April or May though.  It’s only early January though.  Let’s think in the present.  I know that the Buckeyes beat the Crimson Tide 42-35.  Although TJ Yeldon got a touchdown and Amari Cooper got two, Ohio State’s less known guys, the ones you wouldn’t expect to do well, stepped up to win.  and will go on to face off with Oregon.  Yay.  I know the teams full names, school and team name, even the mascot’s look on just Oregon, not any others.  And finally I know who won, with a score of 42-35, and Cooper and Yeldon wasn’t enough scoring to win for Alabama.  That’s it.
Just next time you want a detailed college football story, don’t come to me.  I’m your pro sports guy, MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL.  Not college sports.  That’s all for today, I look forward to seeing Oregon go on to defeat Ohio State, that’s what I predict.  I don’t root for a team other than a little with BC, BU, ND, soon Virginia Tech Baseball and UMASS.  So, I just like being right with a NCAA Football league I barely know anything about, other than colleges and bowls