2020 MLB PACE Standings

The MLB has started a 60-game season as opposed to it’s regular 162 game season. Today the Red Sox will play their third game, and that will make it so that they have completed 5% of the season. Each game means a lot more this year, but I found myself asking, how much more does each game mean this year?

Well, I was able to figure this out through simple math. Since 162/60 = 2.7, every win is equivalent to 2.7 wins, and every loss is equivalent to 2.7 losses. For example, if a team finished their season 40-20 this year, it would be equivalent to 108-54. 40 times 2.7 is 108, and 20 times 2.7 is 54.

Normally, MLB GMs say it takes 40 games to determine the course of a team’s season. This year, that number is around 15 games (teams might be deciding to buy or sell after 15 games). In a normal season, a 5-10 start would be somewhat concerning, but in this season, that would be equivalent to starting off 14-26 and set you up to sell at the trade deadline.

Winning and losing streaks also hold more weight. After winning on Opening Day, the Red Sox lost 4 games in a row, which is the same as 11 losses in a row in a 162-game season.

I introduce to you, my 2020 MLB PACE Standings. I called it PACE Standings because of course, these are the MLB standings on a 162 game pace. But PACE also stands for Playing of A Complete Season Equivalent (I know, it’s a stretch but I’m just going with it). When the season is over, these standings will be able to show what record each team would’ve had in a 162 game season. I will be updating these on a regular basis throughout the year. You may see me reference these standings in future baseball articles, and I will be placing links to this page in those articles.

Here they are:

Last updated: August 27, 2020 at 2:00 PM EST

AL East

1Tampa Bay Rays2156.71129.7.656
2New York Yankees1643.21129.7.593
3Toronto Blue Jays1540.51437.8.517
4Baltimore Orioles1437.81643.2.467
5Boston Red Sox1027.02156.7.323

NL East

1Atlanta Braves1848.61232.4.600
2Miami Marlins1437.81232.4.538
3Philadelphia Phillies1232.41437.8.462
4New York Mets1335.11643.2.448
5Washington Nationals1129.71745.9.393

AL Central

1Minnesota Twins2054.01232.4.625
2Chicago White Sox1951.31232.4.613
3Cleveland Indians1951.31232.4.613
4Detroit Tigers1335.11643.2.448
5Kansas City Royals1232.41951.3.387

NL Central

1Chicago Cubs1848.61232.4.667
2St. Louis Cardinals1129.7924.3.550
3Milwaukee Brewers1335.11540.5.464
4Cincinnati Reds1129.71745.9.450
5Pittsburgh Pirates718.91951.3.269

AL West

1Oakland Athletics2259.41027.0.688
2Houston Astros1745.91438.4.548
3Seattle Mariners1232.41951.3.387
4Texas Rangers1129.71951.3.367
5Los Angeles Angels1027.02259.4.313

NL West

1Los Angeles Dodgers2259.4924.3.710
2San Diego Padres1848.61335.1.581
3Colorado Rockies1643.21540.5.516
4San Francisco Giants1540.51643.2.484
5Arizona Diamondbacks1335.11951.3.406