Bruins Back In Action After Defeating Islanders

The Bruins beat up the New York Islanders winning 5-2 Thursday night, after losing 2 of 3 games.  It was a great game as the Bruins were not behind for all of it.  Them doing well, also winning 6 of 8 technically with a 5 game winning streak starting it, I bet they can beat a slower 2014-15 L.A. Kings tonight as my NHL Hat Trick Challenge picks for today say so.  I will also begin to talk more Bruins starting February with football season over after the super bowl tomorrow.  For February, hockey is one of the only seasonal sports while the Celtics stink.

About the game, I’ll give you a summary of penalties, assists and goals.  Starting in the 1st quarter, David Krecji was called for hooking against Anders Lee.  The penalty was delayed while the Islanders held onto the puck.  After that, Reilly Smith scored a goal, Milan Lucic and David Krecji earning themselves credit for assists.  Calvin DeHaan was next called for tripping against Brad Marchand.  On the power play, Patrice Bergeron scored the second Boston goal!!!!!!  Dougie Hamilton and Reilly Smith having assists.  The 2nd quarter was without penalties, but goals was a different story.  John Tavares scored the first Islanders goal to start, Cal Clutterbuck and Travis Harmonic earning assists.  Michael Grabner scored the next New York goal, the score being tied at 2.  Johnny Boychuk, the former Bruin, now an Islander and John Tavares had assists.  It ended with a goal by Kevan Miller without assists, making the score 3-2 Bruins going into 2nd intermission.  The third and final period of this game was the most quiet, but still had action.  It started with Boston goal by Torey Krug, Reilly Smith and Milan Lucic having assists this time around although Krug is better known himself for assists, and having no assists on the last goal.  4-2 Bruins.  Carl Soderberg was then called for holding against Casey Cizikas.  To wrap up the game, Milan Lucic scored the 5th Boston goal,  David Krecji and Zdeno Chara having assists.  The Bruins won 5-2 over the Islanders.  They play the Kings tonight and according to me on Hat Trick Challenge, along with Kevin Weekes and majority other players, pick the Bruins to win.

Super Bowl XLIX Official Boston SportsMania Preview Post:Patriots Take On Seahawks In Glendale, Arizona, Sunday

The Patriots deserve a DeflateGate apology.  The focus sould be on Seattle, just like Seattle can focus on the Patriots.  This may be one of the best super bowl match-ups in history.  It could go either way.  More people will watch this super bowl than many of the recent super bowl games.  New England arrived in a hotel in Chandler, Arizona, Monday, soon before owner Robert Kraft criticized the NFL investigators.  Also soon after the pro bowl was played.  Get excited New Englanders, because the Patriots’ big game is in just four days.  Many businesses and schools will have super bowl fandom days tomorrow before the weekend of the big game.  Coverage will start at 2:00 in the afternoon Sunday on NBC.

About the game, a key player on each team could be injured enough to sit out.  On the Patriots, the player is Bryan Stork.  Stork missing has caused offensive line trouble and it would help for him to return after missing the AFC Championship game.  I think Stork should be able to return on Super Bowl Sunday.  On the Seahawks, it’s Richard Sherman, the star cornerback, questionably the best cornerback in the entire NFL.  With Sherman out, it would really hurt the Seahawks, as he left the NFC Championship game midway through.

Sadly for the Pats, I think that Sherman will also be ruled active for Super Bowl XLIX.

Want more super bowl stuff that doesn’t just talk about the game?  Then I’d say, watch Puppy Bowl XI on Animal Planet.  It’s a show on the Sunday of the big game each year featuring adoptable puppies playing with a football, almost like soccer with each score being 7 points and with a football.  It’s a great way to start your afternoon before the actual super bowl kicks off.  After that or NBC’s nonstop coverage, grab some snacks and watch the game.

Come on, this is the most watched show in America.  If you’re a sports fan in any way, I recommend you watch what should be an action packed super bowl game.  The Pats and Seahawks are both red hot going into a championship game.  The Patriots have a dominant offense, and Seattle still has the best defense in the NFL, just like last year’s red hot Broncos offense facing the same old, slightly better having good wide receivers(Golden Tate and Percy Harvin), Seattle crew.  Pete Carroll still the head coach.  Richard Sherman still an all star along with Marshawn Lynch.

If you want a Madden point of view of this game, I have it.  In season mode, I faced the worst team in the entire NFL record-wise in real life, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I was up 45-37 in the final seconds.  Then, Tampa Bay scored a touchdown!  With no time left, Tampa Bay still had a two point conversion to go for.   Josh Freeman was about to throw a pass that would take his entire team to overtime, tying the score at 45.  But just then, Jerod Mayo came right to his legs and sacked him!  A 45-43 dramatic Pats win, being down 20-13 at halftime.  Want my actual pick for the final game of the NFL Playoffs?  Well, see below for a pick and its reasons.

My Game Pick


Look everyone, you all probably think this is close as can be, with the New England offense and Seattle defense, but I say otherwise.  I mean, think about it.  Start with the match-up of Patriots defense versus Seattle offense.  When Wilson throws, Revis or Browner, even Kyle Arrington catches or breaks up the play.  If you didn’t realize though, it may be tough for Brandon Browner playing against his former team.  So Darrelle Revis and Kyle Arrington.  Think about the matchup.  Pats secondary versus lowly Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse.  If they had stars Golden Tate and Percy Harvin like in XLVIII, it would be a whole different story.  They’ll next try Marshawn Lynch.  Uh oh, here come Rob Ninkovich and Vince Wilfork, although Lynch may get a few runs in.  Jamie Collins can sack a struggling Russell Wilson a bunch, too.  Akeem Ayers is also a former Seahawk though.  Don’t worry.  With an offense like Seattle’s, the Patriots defense is not a concern.

But it’s another story with the Pats offense.  First, Blount Force Trama can easily run, along with Vereen and Jonas Gray.  Bobby Wagner may sack Brady, but he’s too strong to fall for Wagner too much.  But there is a worry at receiver.  They have Edelman, Gronk, Amendola and LaFell.  But Seattle has stars Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor.  The Patriots would win by a nose with a slight advantage that has to do with Seattle’s empty defensive line and BLOUNT FORCE TRAMA, LeGarrette Blount.  We’ve got Blount now, who the Bucs had in my Madden game, which means we have a bigger advantage if we do happen to play the Bucs anytime soon.  So, the Patriots have a very slight edge over the Seahawks in the 49th super bowl in NFL history.

Forget DeflateGate: “We’re On To Seattle.”

I just don’t understand. This whole “DeflateGate” thing is in the way of my Patriots fandom and super bowl focus. There are so many possibilities though. Robert Kraft complained to the NFL. A ball boy could be the culprit, as mentioned as caught on camera today. But I think Belichick’s right. Nobody on the entire Patriots ball club I think has lied. I trust in Belichick, and Brady I just didn’t think had any idea what happened. I think the Pats rubbed the balls making their pressure increase and they naturally had it be back down below after referee testing two hours prior to the game. Why didn’t the Colts get caught? Don’t know. Maybe they overinflated it for Luck’s feel. People just get used to inflating the balls the way the starting quarterback likes it, his preference. So, do not, N-O-T penalize the New England Patriots. Just prevent future incidents by tweaking the rules next year, so that nobody can rub the balls, and no more ball inflation cheating. Forget this, Denver cheated in both the 1997 and 1998 super bowls. DeflateGate is done and thankfully speaking of the super bowl, the Pats went to Arizona today just dodging a two foot blizzard heading for New England. Let’s just get our fandom on and focus on Sunday Night’s big game. Get some snacks and drinks, and get ready for Super Bowl 49, the 50th of these being next season. Who knows, Seattle could be tweaking their balls too. Forget DeflateGate, even though we under inflated a football ourselves at our cousin’s house that has a generator, as we stay there during the storm for safety. So, as Bill Belichick said, “We’re on to Seattle.”

On To The Super Bowl:Patriots Rout Colts

This was a great game, for the Patriots in the second half especially.  I stayed up late and watched it all.  I was so excited afterwards that I needed help falling asleep after going to bed moments after the clock hit 0.  It all started off slow as both the Colts and Patriots went 3 and out.  But, there was a Patriots punt, that smacked the Colts punt returner, Josh Cribbs, in the head, Patriots ball.  Next, the Pats went for a touchdown.  At least running back LeGarrette Blount thought it was a touchdown.   It got called back but not to worry, Blount got in to the end zone for real on an almost identical play next.  TOUCHDOWN Blount.  6-0 Patriots, 7-0 with the extra point after.  So, then the Colts had the ball and went for a long 51 yard field goal.  Adam Vinatieri, the former Patriots and now Colts kicker knew Gillette Stadium well.  But he missed the field goal by far because of the fierce wind, making me wonder why they even attempted the field goal.  The Pats got the ball back at their own 41 yard line and had a drive of surprises, with Julian Edelman rushing with the football and fullback James Develin being the surprise guy by catching the second Patriots touchdown, making the score 14-0 Patriots.  The next time they had the ball though, they made a huge mistake.
Rob Gronkowski was being double covered, and they tried to hurry it to him for a third touchdown, but it went wrong when Tom Brady underthrew it.  D’ Qwell Jackson, who was covering Gronk, intercepted the ball.  The Colts now had possession of it.  They went on a disappointing drive for New England.  Vince Wilfork and Brandon Browner both had big penalties which led the Colts to score a touchdown to some guy Tipton I’ve never heard except for the fact that he’s filling in for Trent Richardson who sat this game out for personal reasons.  14-7 Patriots.  It looked bad for us then but it would get better soon.   The next drive they went on was one of the last of the first half, trying to score a third touchdown still, but threw three incomplete touchdown passes, first to Edelman, next to Gronk, and finally to Shane Vereen.  All incomplete, however they still did score a field goal to go into halftime with a 17-7 lead over the Colts.  It was only the beginning of 31 unanswered Patriots points.  It continued after halftime, and the Patriots reached into their bag of tricks.
That’s when the best drive yet along with another great play came around.   Blount kept running and running for first downs, enough for the Colts to be fooled if they faked to him.
So they did, on a play action pass trick play.  The next thing Brady did and fast, still secretly having the ball, threw to Nate Solder for a touchdown, and his first NFL career reception.   A tight end in college, but now he’s an offensive tackle, who never caught a pass in the NFL.   He replaced the star tackle Matt Light after he retired.  24-7 Patriots.  I almost got fooled into thinking LeGarrette Blount threw it to Solder.
The Colts remained in a slump still.  Nate Solder had more catches then Rob Gronkowski now, but not for long. Next, there was a drive where Gronkowski caught 3 passes, one of them a touchdown, making it 31-7.  Then, Darrelle Revis intercepted the ball as the Colts continued to struggle through the 3rd quarter, followed by a LeGarrette Blount touchdown, his second of the day, making it 38-7.   3 touchdowns in less than 8 minutes.
Scott Zolak calls him Blount Force Trama, and in this game, he showed why.  He almost had matched his 2013 records with the Pats from the divisional game against Indy, 53 weeks ago.  They kept on fire, but Indianapolis did not.  Blount then scored his third touchdown of the night, making it 45-7.
The Patriots were blowing out the Colts, and it was the 4th quarter.  The starters needed some rest, but they kept going a little longer.  Brady played for a little longer, as Jamie Collins had just intercepted the ball, but rested at the two minute warning while Jimmy Garropppollo took over for him.
Neither team scored once Garroppollo was in the game.  Final.  The Patriots absolutely demolished he Indianapolis Colts, with a 45 to 7 win!!!!!!!!  I was thrilled after a tough 1st half.  They made the super bowl!!!!
Earlier in the day, the Seahawks had made an amazing comeback from 16-0 to beat the Packers 28-22 with a little bit of overtime, winning the overtime toss.  It was tied 22-22 to end the 4th quarter.
Seattle will repeat making the super bowl, but with the Patriots in, my Pats prediction to win still stands.  Although Seattle knows Arizona slightly better as a division rival’s stadium, I think a neutral matchup will help boost the Patriots, because Seattle is easier to beat when they don’t have the home field advantage.  So I think in two weeks that the New England Patriots will defeat the Seattle Seahawks to win it all!

NFC Championship Preview:Packers-Seahawks

This could be a really close game, but I see the Packers winning.  Seattle has amazing defense, but the Packers have great offense.   I’m also rooting for Green Bay, and think they’ll win.  This game will still be close.  Everybody says that Seattle’s got it, but any given Sunday.  This game is definitely hard to predict.  There’s really not much to say about this game.  Most people would say to me,”Seriously?,”,”Green Bay winning???   They would have Aaron Rodgers along with Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb. However, Seattle has Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner on defense. I used to think Seattle was impossible to beat at home and was right about them beating Green Bay at home to open the NFL season. Now I think differently. Seattle lost two great receivers in Golden Tate, signed by Detroit, and Percy Harvin, traded to the New York Jets for a draft pick. Did you even remember how badly Seattle was playing in, I’d say Week 10 maybe???????? Huh? Huh??! Huh???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They totally fell apart for a little while after Harvin’s departure. Seattle already beat the Pack though, and that might mean they can do it again. I don’t want the Seahawks to win because I’m a little nervous about them taking us on in Super Bowl XLIX. I mean, just take a look at what they did to an amazing Denver Broncos squad!!!! So, I think it’s clear that this game is almost IMPOSSIBLE to predict, but I am going to try. See my pick in the writing below.

My Pick
Green Bay,45,Seattle,41
This’ll be higher scoring than the Pats game, errrrr, or not. Seattle’s offense isn’t as good as their defense, on of the best defenses in the NFL, once the very top defense. Aaron Rodgers and crew can have monstrous games against other good teams though, even after last week’s struggles that looked like the Packers’ 2-2 September team. They went 10-2 after that though, and just beat Dallas in a playoff game, the divisional round. Well, what positions dpo Seattle’s good players play. Linebacker, safety and cornerback. That leaves Eddie Lacy leading the Packers. Why is that and how did I figure that out so fast. The secondary, cornerbacks and safeties usually go after wide receivers. Richard Sherman will go up against Jordy Nelson. Kam Chancellor will take Randall Cobb. Bobby Wagner, a linebacker, sack specialist will sack a struggling of late Aaron Rodgers. Offense is the problem with the Seahawks after their receiver loss, and the Packers have some what of a defense. AJ Hawk can take Marshawn Lynch, along with Julius Peppers, they can sack two. That will put a lot of pressure on them. And who can they throw the rock to who’s actually good??????? Nobody. And if some surprise guy can catch well, Ha-Ha Clintom-Dix will take care of them. So Seattle’s offense is a bust. Green Bay still has Eddie Lacy. Eddie Lacy will lead Green Bay to a victory, at least that’s what I think. So, I actually think the Green Bay Packers can handle this came and bring down the Seattle Seahawks, because the Pack has endless offensive weapons and stars.

Bruins Shutout Rangers, Tuukka Rask Gets 30 Saves

David Pastrnak will be with the team for the rest of the season but he didn’t do much vs the New York Rangers.  Tuukka Rask was the Bruins star in this game, although he didn’t boost them in the standings along with the rest of this.  They still haven’t lost since the owner came out to complain though, now having a 5 game winning streak.  They should be impressing Jeremy Jacobs, or else he needs to learn to be more PAWSitive.  Going to my school would have helped, the positive, aware, willing and safe thing.  Be positive about your team, owner, be aware of how good they’re doing now, be willing to actually cheer on your team, and keep your job safe.  I’m only kidding.  He’s PAWSitive about not complaining anymore, I don’t know what he as to say now though.

Well, anyways, it was a great game for Boston.  It started in the 1st period with a goal by Patrice Bergeron, Dougie Hamilton with the assist.  2nd period.  2nd goal by David Krecji, Torey Krug and Adam McQuaid with assists.  3rd period.  3rd goal.  By Loui Eriksson, having Torey Krug along with Kevan Miller on the assist.   An easy 3-0 win for the Boston Bruins here in Boston at TD Garden.  Want some game stats?  Well here.  Two stars, and they didn’t score a single goal.  Tuukka Rask is the first, with 30 saves!  Oh, that’s why the New York Rangers got shutout.  The Rangers are only 4th place in their division like Boston, but they were 11th and 12th by record in the NHL as of Monday morning.  Man, they’re in some darn good divisions, and maybe the better conference this season for a change in history and in the modern world?????!!!!!   Yup.  Also, back to stats, the second star is Torey Krug, who had two assists on goals.  So, those are some good other Bruins stats besides the 3 goals, which is kind of a lot for NHL, the most I’ve seen is 7 though, both in ice hockey, also known as soccer on ice, and soccer, when Germany upset Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semifinals by the score of 7-1.  So, it was a great game for the Bruins.

College Football Finals Recap:Ohio State Upsets Oregon

Wow.  Ohio State, as I did not predict, beat the Oregon Ducks, routed them 42-20.  Quarterback Cardale Jones is getting a lot better apparently, he and his running back Ezekiel Elliot led the Ohio State Buckeyes to victory.  Although they may have a good mascot, Oregon didn’t show up studlike, except for draft prospect Marcus Mariota, who led Oregon in passing and was 2nd in rushing.  Ohio State is one of college football’s best historical teams, with it’s 6th national championship, making them 5th all time, but it was a rough path to this victory this season.  They many times looked done but after these dissapointing moments, they just bounced right back into action and got hot again.  They went through embarrasing losses, injuries and more troubles, but were fighters and still stayed alive.  I was even surprised when they made the Final Four college football national playoff in the 4th seed over Baylor and TCU, and they upset the Crimson Tide in Alabama.  With three draft prospects in Amari Cooper, Landon Collins and TJ Yeldon.  So it’s over.  The Ohio State Buckeyes upset the Oregon Ducks by the score of 42 to 20.  Final.   So college football’s over, but look for my NFL Mock Draft and my NFL Draft Recap later this year, if you’re a NFL and college football fan, which I’m not, so don’t come to me for a detailed college football story.  I only made this post through research on ESPN, and only did it because of readers who are college football fans, and it was a top story in sports, which I cover along with top Boston sports stories.  That’s why I called my blog Boston SportsMania.

AFC Championship Preview:Colts at Patriots

See this game Sunday evening at 6:40 pm  This week’s playoff analysis will be different.  Nothing special for New England as I’m doing a preview for both games and including picks rather then having it separately.   So, let’s get started.  The Patriots were already dealing with Chuck Pagano last week.  He thought that they could not have only four offensive lineman.  But Belichick knew.  It was legal.  They also already delt with him in a game during the regular season too.  The Patriots blewout the Colts.  Jonas Gray scored four touchdowns.  Now the Patriots also have LeGarrette Blount, but the Colts have a new weapon since the game too.  Donte Moncrief.  The receiver that suddenly got the spotlight as Luck suddenly began using him.  He made some good catches that improved his receiving rank greatly on Indianapolis.  They have Andrew Luck, who quickly became the best quarterback in the NFL this season, although since playing the Dallas Cowboys he has struggled.  And we have Brady.  TOM BRADY.  One of the best quarterbacks in NFL HISTORY.  The historical leading current QB and the seasonally amazing QB.  He’d be considered better than Joe Montana with a fourth super bowl championship.  So we have fair chances, but so do the Colts.   Well, are you thirsty for more information on who I think should actually win this game?  See my pick and the explanation behind it below.

My Pick

New England, 41, Indianapolis, 31

My pick for the Patriots to win Super Bowl XLIX is still standing, but they have to make it to win it.  On offense, as I said, they have Brady.  He’ll go to Rob Gronkowski.  But uh oh.  VONTAE DAVIS.  That will also provent passing to Julian Edelman,  Brandon LaFell and Danny Amendola.  The Colts don’t have a good run defense though, which gives the Patriots the rushing advantage.  That means LeGarrette Blount, new to the Colts off of the Steelers this year.  It also means Shane Vereen and JONAS GRAY.  The guy who got four touchdowns when we played the Colts last time.  So it could be really good,  rather than just plain good.  So, the Patriots have partial edge on offense.  On defense, the Patriots may also have edge.  They’ll try Dan Herron, but in comes Vince Wilfork, Rob Ninkovich, Jamie Collins and Akeem Ayers, the former Tennessee Titan and crew.  It won’t work with Trent Richardson either.  Passing will be key with all the good Colts receivers and tight ends, but the Patriots secondary includes Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Kyle Arrington, Patrick Chung and Devin McCourty, who will attempt to tackle TY Hilton, Reggie Wayne, Hakeem Nicks, Donte Moncrief, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener and Jack Doyle.  So the Colts offense is good, but so is the Patriots defense, and the Pats have the edge with rushing offense and defense.  Passing is sort of a tie.  So I think that the Patriots should win this game and go to the Super Bowl, where I believe they will face the Green Bay Packers.

Bruns Defeat Lightning, Shooting Up The Atlantic Division Standings

Although sadly Detroit won, if Boston wins twice and Detroit and Montreal start losing, the Bruins can hop into 2nd place 3 points behind the Lightning.  If the win four and the Lightning does the same, they take over the Atlantic division.   Now for this action packed game.  It started 1-0 Tampa Bay as Steven Stamkos scored early.  Soon after, about 4 minutes left in the 1st period, Brad Marchand scored for the Bruins.  However, Stamkos had his second goal about 10 minutes after 1st intermission.  But it was followed by a Bruins comeback.  First David Pastrnak scored again, then he gave Milan Lucic a turn.  David Krecji passed it over to Lucic late in the 2nd period.  In the final period, David Pastrnak sored the Bruins’ 4th goal.  However, it was followed by a Ryan Callahan goal for the Lightning, and that was it.  4-3 Bruins.

Over the last few games, the Bruins have had a couple of good streaks.  The Bruins have won 4 games in a row, and haven’t lost since Jeremy Jacobs came out to complain about them.  They’ve impressed Jacobs with the wins apparently.  Also, David Pastrnak is red hot.  Although he is only 18 years old and is the youngest player in the NHL as experience helps, he’s scored 4 goals in the last two games!   The Bruins can make their win streak 5 games if they beat the New York Rangers on the road tomorrow.  So go Bruins, let’s go after that division.

Celtics Defeat Pelicans, Trade Jeff Green to Memphis Grizzlies for more Draft Picks

The Celtics have been very busy lately.  First, they traded away Jeff Green to the Memphis Grizzlies for draft picks.  They have a lot of early draft picks over the next two years.  But Danny Ainge, the Celtics owner said you never can have too many draft picks.  This should definitely help the Celtics but it’ll take time.  In 2015, they have not just their own, but they might have the 76ers, Clippers, Timberwolves and Mavericks’ picks.  In the second round, they might have the Kings, 76ers and Wizards picks.  In 2016’s first round, they may have the 76ers and Nets picks.  In the second round they might have the picks of the 76ers, Heat, Cavaliers, Mavericks and Grizzlies.  Even after trading Rajon Rondo and Green, they still have third place, but in the worst division although the Toronto Raptors are doing really well, and they surprisingly defeated Anthony Davis and the Pelicans 108-100.  Davis still was the Pelicans game leader, but Jared Sullinger and Marcus Smart worked together helping us make a team better than Abntony Davis apparently when the two are put together.  They’d make a better team just the two of them with three high school players than the entire Celtics, who still stink either way.  Good thing all these draft picks should help.  As Danny Ainge stataed, you can never have too many draft picks.