Super Bowl XLIX Official Boston SportsMania Preview Post:Patriots Take On Seahawks In Glendale, Arizona, Sunday

The Patriots deserve a DeflateGate apology.  The focus sould be on Seattle, just like Seattle can focus on the Patriots.  This may be one of the best super bowl match-ups in history.  It could go either way.  More people will watch this super bowl than many of the recent super bowl games.  New England arrived in a hotel in Chandler, Arizona, Monday, soon before owner Robert Kraft criticized the NFL investigators.  Also soon after the pro bowl was played.  Get excited New Englanders, because the Patriots’ big game is in just four days.  Many businesses and schools will have super bowl fandom days tomorrow before the weekend of the big game.  Coverage will start at 2:00 in the afternoon Sunday on NBC.

About the game, a key player on each team could be injured enough to sit out.  On the Patriots, the player is Bryan Stork.  Stork missing has caused offensive line trouble and it would help for him to return after missing the AFC Championship game.  I think Stork should be able to return on Super Bowl Sunday.  On the Seahawks, it’s Richard Sherman, the star cornerback, questionably the best cornerback in the entire NFL.  With Sherman out, it would really hurt the Seahawks, as he left the NFC Championship game midway through.

Sadly for the Pats, I think that Sherman will also be ruled active for Super Bowl XLIX.

Want more super bowl stuff that doesn’t just talk about the game?  Then I’d say, watch Puppy Bowl XI on Animal Planet.  It’s a show on the Sunday of the big game each year featuring adoptable puppies playing with a football, almost like soccer with each score being 7 points and with a football.  It’s a great way to start your afternoon before the actual super bowl kicks off.  After that or NBC’s nonstop coverage, grab some snacks and watch the game.

Come on, this is the most watched show in America.  If you’re a sports fan in any way, I recommend you watch what should be an action packed super bowl game.  The Pats and Seahawks are both red hot going into a championship game.  The Patriots have a dominant offense, and Seattle still has the best defense in the NFL, just like last year’s red hot Broncos offense facing the same old, slightly better having good wide receivers(Golden Tate and Percy Harvin), Seattle crew.  Pete Carroll still the head coach.  Richard Sherman still an all star along with Marshawn Lynch.

If you want a Madden point of view of this game, I have it.  In season mode, I faced the worst team in the entire NFL record-wise in real life, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I was up 45-37 in the final seconds.  Then, Tampa Bay scored a touchdown!  With no time left, Tampa Bay still had a two point conversion to go for.   Josh Freeman was about to throw a pass that would take his entire team to overtime, tying the score at 45.  But just then, Jerod Mayo came right to his legs and sacked him!  A 45-43 dramatic Pats win, being down 20-13 at halftime.  Want my actual pick for the final game of the NFL Playoffs?  Well, see below for a pick and its reasons.

My Game Pick


Look everyone, you all probably think this is close as can be, with the New England offense and Seattle defense, but I say otherwise.  I mean, think about it.  Start with the match-up of Patriots defense versus Seattle offense.  When Wilson throws, Revis or Browner, even Kyle Arrington catches or breaks up the play.  If you didn’t realize though, it may be tough for Brandon Browner playing against his former team.  So Darrelle Revis and Kyle Arrington.  Think about the matchup.  Pats secondary versus lowly Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse.  If they had stars Golden Tate and Percy Harvin like in XLVIII, it would be a whole different story.  They’ll next try Marshawn Lynch.  Uh oh, here come Rob Ninkovich and Vince Wilfork, although Lynch may get a few runs in.  Jamie Collins can sack a struggling Russell Wilson a bunch, too.  Akeem Ayers is also a former Seahawk though.  Don’t worry.  With an offense like Seattle’s, the Patriots defense is not a concern.

But it’s another story with the Pats offense.  First, Blount Force Trama can easily run, along with Vereen and Jonas Gray.  Bobby Wagner may sack Brady, but he’s too strong to fall for Wagner too much.  But there is a worry at receiver.  They have Edelman, Gronk, Amendola and LaFell.  But Seattle has stars Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor.  The Patriots would win by a nose with a slight advantage that has to do with Seattle’s empty defensive line and BLOUNT FORCE TRAMA, LeGarrette Blount.  We’ve got Blount now, who the Bucs had in my Madden game, which means we have a bigger advantage if we do happen to play the Bucs anytime soon.  So, the Patriots have a very slight edge over the Seahawks in the 49th super bowl in NFL history.

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