On To The Super Bowl:Patriots Rout Colts

This was a great game, for the Patriots in the second half especially.  I stayed up late and watched it all.  I was so excited afterwards that I needed help falling asleep after going to bed moments after the clock hit 0.  It all started off slow as both the Colts and Patriots went 3 and out.  But, there was a Patriots punt, that smacked the Colts punt returner, Josh Cribbs, in the head, Patriots ball.  Next, the Pats went for a touchdown.  At least running back LeGarrette Blount thought it was a touchdown.   It got called back but not to worry, Blount got in to the end zone for real on an almost identical play next.  TOUCHDOWN Blount.  6-0 Patriots, 7-0 with the extra point after.  So, then the Colts had the ball and went for a long 51 yard field goal.  Adam Vinatieri, the former Patriots and now Colts kicker knew Gillette Stadium well.  But he missed the field goal by far because of the fierce wind, making me wonder why they even attempted the field goal.  The Pats got the ball back at their own 41 yard line and had a drive of surprises, with Julian Edelman rushing with the football and fullback James Develin being the surprise guy by catching the second Patriots touchdown, making the score 14-0 Patriots.  The next time they had the ball though, they made a huge mistake.
Rob Gronkowski was being double covered, and they tried to hurry it to him for a third touchdown, but it went wrong when Tom Brady underthrew it.  D’ Qwell Jackson, who was covering Gronk, intercepted the ball.  The Colts now had possession of it.  They went on a disappointing drive for New England.  Vince Wilfork and Brandon Browner both had big penalties which led the Colts to score a touchdown to some guy Tipton I’ve never heard except for the fact that he’s filling in for Trent Richardson who sat this game out for personal reasons.  14-7 Patriots.  It looked bad for us then but it would get better soon.   The next drive they went on was one of the last of the first half, trying to score a third touchdown still, but threw three incomplete touchdown passes, first to Edelman, next to Gronk, and finally to Shane Vereen.  All incomplete, however they still did score a field goal to go into halftime with a 17-7 lead over the Colts.  It was only the beginning of 31 unanswered Patriots points.  It continued after halftime, and the Patriots reached into their bag of tricks.
That’s when the best drive yet along with another great play came around.   Blount kept running and running for first downs, enough for the Colts to be fooled if they faked to him.
So they did, on a play action pass trick play.  The next thing Brady did and fast, still secretly having the ball, threw to Nate Solder for a touchdown, and his first NFL career reception.   A tight end in college, but now he’s an offensive tackle, who never caught a pass in the NFL.   He replaced the star tackle Matt Light after he retired.  24-7 Patriots.  I almost got fooled into thinking LeGarrette Blount threw it to Solder.
The Colts remained in a slump still.  Nate Solder had more catches then Rob Gronkowski now, but not for long. Next, there was a drive where Gronkowski caught 3 passes, one of them a touchdown, making it 31-7.  Then, Darrelle Revis intercepted the ball as the Colts continued to struggle through the 3rd quarter, followed by a LeGarrette Blount touchdown, his second of the day, making it 38-7.   3 touchdowns in less than 8 minutes.
Scott Zolak calls him Blount Force Trama, and in this game, he showed why.  He almost had matched his 2013 records with the Pats from the divisional game against Indy, 53 weeks ago.  They kept on fire, but Indianapolis did not.  Blount then scored his third touchdown of the night, making it 45-7.
The Patriots were blowing out the Colts, and it was the 4th quarter.  The starters needed some rest, but they kept going a little longer.  Brady played for a little longer, as Jamie Collins had just intercepted the ball, but rested at the two minute warning while Jimmy Garropppollo took over for him.
Neither team scored once Garroppollo was in the game.  Final.  The Patriots absolutely demolished he Indianapolis Colts, with a 45 to 7 win!!!!!!!!  I was thrilled after a tough 1st half.  They made the super bowl!!!!
Earlier in the day, the Seahawks had made an amazing comeback from 16-0 to beat the Packers 28-22 with a little bit of overtime, winning the overtime toss.  It was tied 22-22 to end the 4th quarter.
Seattle will repeat making the super bowl, but with the Patriots in, my Pats prediction to win still stands.  Although Seattle knows Arizona slightly better as a division rival’s stadium, I think a neutral matchup will help boost the Patriots, because Seattle is easier to beat when they don’t have the home field advantage.  So I think in two weeks that the New England Patriots will defeat the Seattle Seahawks to win it all!

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