NFC Championship Preview:Packers-Seahawks

This could be a really close game, but I see the Packers winning.  Seattle has amazing defense, but the Packers have great offense.   I’m also rooting for Green Bay, and think they’ll win.  This game will still be close.  Everybody says that Seattle’s got it, but any given Sunday.  This game is definitely hard to predict.  There’s really not much to say about this game.  Most people would say to me,”Seriously?,”,”Green Bay winning???   They would have Aaron Rodgers along with Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb. However, Seattle has Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner on defense. I used to think Seattle was impossible to beat at home and was right about them beating Green Bay at home to open the NFL season. Now I think differently. Seattle lost two great receivers in Golden Tate, signed by Detroit, and Percy Harvin, traded to the New York Jets for a draft pick. Did you even remember how badly Seattle was playing in, I’d say Week 10 maybe???????? Huh? Huh??! Huh???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They totally fell apart for a little while after Harvin’s departure. Seattle already beat the Pack though, and that might mean they can do it again. I don’t want the Seahawks to win because I’m a little nervous about them taking us on in Super Bowl XLIX. I mean, just take a look at what they did to an amazing Denver Broncos squad!!!! So, I think it’s clear that this game is almost IMPOSSIBLE to predict, but I am going to try. See my pick in the writing below.

My Pick
Green Bay,45,Seattle,41
This’ll be higher scoring than the Pats game, errrrr, or not. Seattle’s offense isn’t as good as their defense, on of the best defenses in the NFL, once the very top defense. Aaron Rodgers and crew can have monstrous games against other good teams though, even after last week’s struggles that looked like the Packers’ 2-2 September team. They went 10-2 after that though, and just beat Dallas in a playoff game, the divisional round. Well, what positions dpo Seattle’s good players play. Linebacker, safety and cornerback. That leaves Eddie Lacy leading the Packers. Why is that and how did I figure that out so fast. The secondary, cornerbacks and safeties usually go after wide receivers. Richard Sherman will go up against Jordy Nelson. Kam Chancellor will take Randall Cobb. Bobby Wagner, a linebacker, sack specialist will sack a struggling of late Aaron Rodgers. Offense is the problem with the Seahawks after their receiver loss, and the Packers have some what of a defense. AJ Hawk can take Marshawn Lynch, along with Julius Peppers, they can sack two. That will put a lot of pressure on them. And who can they throw the rock to who’s actually good??????? Nobody. And if some surprise guy can catch well, Ha-Ha Clintom-Dix will take care of them. So Seattle’s offense is a bust. Green Bay still has Eddie Lacy. Eddie Lacy will lead Green Bay to a victory, at least that’s what I think. So, I actually think the Green Bay Packers can handle this came and bring down the Seattle Seahawks, because the Pack has endless offensive weapons and stars.

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