In Detail:Washington Nationals

This is my 30th and final post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.The Nationals are positively the #1 team in the MLB with Stephen Strastsburg,Bryce Harper and Ryan and Jordan Zimmermann.The Nationals have a large chance at the world series despite division rival the Atlanta Braves.They also have an outside the division rival,the Dodgers.The Nats should still play extremely well despite a severe injury by Bryce Harper who won’t return until July after a smooth April.My prediction for the Nats is 1st place,101-61,the best overall.The Nationals are bound for a bounce back for an amazing season.

In Detail: Texas Rangers

This is my 29th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.Prince Fielder,Adrian Beltre and Sin-Soo Choo are the current hitting superstars in Texas but the rest of the lineup is elite as well.The pitching ace is Yu Darvish but he stinks vs the Athletics.Many think the Athletics will win the AL West but I think the Rangers have more power.My prediction for the Rangers is 1st place,99-63,2nd overall.The Rangers have world series qualities,but the Athletics will stay as a tough division rival and the Red Sox might get in the Rangers way of being conference champion.

In Detail:Los Angeles Dodgers

This is my 28th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.The Dodgers will have a good 2014 with a strong outfield and mound.They have Greinke,Kershaw and Beckett for pitchers and have Gonzalez,Crawford,Puig and Kemp left as the big hitters.Yasiel Puig came from Cuba on a long journey to round up on the Dodgers in June of 2013.How well well the Dodgers do? My picks are 1st place,97-65,3rd overall.The Dodgers are very powerful as the 2014 season begins for the MLB.

My SportsNation Updated MLB Week 5 Power Rankings

1.Rangers 15-10

2.Braves 17-7

3.Athletics 15-10

4.Giants 15-10

5.Yankees 15-10

6.Nationals 14-12

7.Dodgers 14-12

8.Cardinals 14-12

9.Red Sox 12-13

10.Tigers 12-9

11.Brewers 18-7

12.Mets 14-11

13.Rockies 14-12

14.Royals 12-12

15.Angels 11-13

16.Orioles 12-12

17.Phillies 13-12

18.Blue Jays 12-13

19.Reds 12-13

20.Indians 12-14

21.Rays 11-14

22.Twins 13-12

23.White Sox 12-12

24.Padres 12-14

25.Marlins 11-14

26.Pirates 10-15

27.Mariners 10-14

28.Cubs 8-16

29.D-backs 8-20

30.Astros 7-17

In Detail:Boston Red Sox

This is my 27th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April. The Red Sox are defending world series champions,but can they repeat?Maybe.2014 should be a pretty well played season.They have a chance of winning the division again but how will they do against the Rangers and Tigers,the other AL division winners? They can defeat the Tigers but the Rangers will be a little tougher. All three of the teams will have at least 90 wins.My BoSox prediction is 1st place,94-68,4th overall.The Red Sox 2013 rebuild included Victorino,Drew,Gomes and Napoli.They don’t have Stephen Drew anymore so they’ll be counting on Victorino,Gomes and Napoli but you can also include Ortiz,Pedroia,Middlebrooks,Bradley Jr.,Bogaerts and Pierzynski.Basically their whole offense is doing well.Can they count on injured prone star Grady Sizemore? Possibly. The Sox pitchers Lester,Lackey,Buchholz,Peavy and Uehara can be counted on to do well too.The Red Sox still have a great team but have weaknesses,like Felix Doubront and injuries.

Sox & Bruins Win On Road,Bruins Make Next Round in Playoffs

Boston teams who played today were undefeated,which meant the BoSox and Bruins won today.Operation Domination In Detroit worked for the Bruins as they won all three road games and both my predictions(See NHL Playoff Picks and Boston Bruins:Domination in Detroit)were 100% correct.They will now go on to face the Montreal Canadiens in Round 2.The same Canadiens who swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round. The Red Sox won as well as healthy as ever(See MLB Week 5 Power Rankings:The Boys Are Back).Their record is 12-13.The Blue Jays have a 11-13
record.The Red Sox passed Toronto in the standings by beating them twice!They’re almost as good as Baltimore and even the Yankees!If they keep this up they’ll be leading the AL East in no time!The Sox would not have won without Middlebrooks hitting a solo homer or without A.J. Pierzynski’s grand slam that made the difference in the game.Middlebrooks and Victorino not being healthy is why the Red Sox struggled early in the season.

In Detail:Detroit Tigers

This is my 26th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.The Tigers are still an elite team with Miguel Cabrera and all but losing Prince Fielder hurt their offense.On the other hand,elite Ian Kinsler joined the Tigers.They have an amazing rotation including Max Scherzer,Rick Porcello and Doug Fister.My prediction for the team?It’s. 1st place,93-69,5th overall.It looks like Tigers pitching could be #1 in the MLB but the Tigers offense needs a little work.

MLB Week 5 Power Rankings:The Boys Are Back

The Red Sox move up in the rankings with Middlebrooks and Victorino back in action!
1.Athletics 15-8
2.Braves 15-7
3.Rangers 14-9
4.Giants 13-10
5.Yankees 13-10
6.Nationals 13-11
7.Dodgers 13-11
8.Cardinals 13-11
9.Red Sox 11-13
10.Tigers 12-8
11.Royals 11-11
12.Brewers 17-6
13.Angels 11-11
14.Orioles 11-11
15.Rockies 13-11
16.Reds 11-12
17.Blue Jays 11-12
18.Rays 10-13
19.Phillies 11-12
20.Mets 13-10
21.Pirates 9-15
22.Indians 11-12
23.White Sox 12-12
24.Twins 11-11
25.Padres 11-13
26.Marlins 10-13
27.Mariners 9-13
28.Cubs 7-15
29.D-Backs 8-18
30.Astros 7-17

In Detail:St.Louis Cardinals

This is my 25th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.last year the Cardinals had a magical season that will not be repeated.But,the Cards will still do well overall.The Nationals and Dodgers will beat them to the NLCS though.My prediction for the Cards this year is 1st place,93-69,6th overall.What’s up with the rest of the NL Central?The Reds will be a tough opponent still,the Pirates nearly fell apart,the Cubs are preparing for a rebuild and the Brew Crew will just be hard to predict.Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday and are both ready for a good season while pitchers Lynn,Wainwright and Wacha will star. Who’s better,Cardinals Yadier Molina or Dodgers Yasiel Puig.Right now,Definetly Puig.Puig is one of the best baseball players of this season.The Cards had world series quality last year,but only playoff chances this year.

2014 NFL Preview:Before Draft

In my NFL 2014 preview I will include my predictions for the regular season and playoffs before the draft and compare them to my picks after the draft.I will also include another in detail series for NFL from September 1-October 2 since there is 32 teams and only 30 days of September.Here are my Regular Season picks.

*-playoff team

AFC East
New England 12-4*
NY Jets 8-8
Miami 7-9
Buffalo 5-11

The AFC East has not changed much since last year with the Pats left a 12-4 2nd playoff seed yet again.The other teams in the East won’t even be close to passing the Patriots.They used to always be amazing and beat up the Pats but it flipped when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady came along.

AFC North
Cincinnati 9-7*
Pittsburgh 9-7
Baltimore 8-8
Cleveland 8-8

The North will be super tight in 2014,there won’t be wild cards from this division and the obvious leader,the Bengals isn’t even going to be that great.This division has no chance whatever they do.I wouldn’t expect big things out of this division if I were you.

AFC South
Indianapolis 13-3*
Tennessee 8-8
Houston 6-10
Jacksonville 3-13

Indianapolis will dominate in this conference and division.There is no way the Jaguars,Titans or even the Texans will win it.The Colts will also have a good playoff run defeating the Chargers in the second round then losing to the Patriots in the AFC championship game.

AFC West
Denver 12-4*
San Diego 10-6*
Kansas City 10-6*
Oakland 2-14

First,Oakland will get beat up and won’t win a single game without some good draft pick like my first round pick for the Raiders,Sammy Watkins.Otherwise,they will win a solid two or three games but no more than four.Denver,San Diego and Kansas City will all make the playoffs again even tighter than last year.

NFC East
Philadelphia 11-5*
NY Giants 8-8
Washington 6-10
Dallas 5-11

The Cowboys are worse than people think.They had a horrible offseason.The Redskins are better even without a first round draft pick.They did well in free agency,and improved their staff and coach.The Giants will improve slightly while the Eagles continue to dominate.

NFC North
Green Bay 10-6*
Chicago 9-7*
Minnesota 7-9
Detroit 6-10

Another very tight division while the Lions defense blows it and Michael Vick could dominate with the Vikings and Peterson gets ready for a comeback.Green Bay will do better with Rodgers and the Bears are also ready for a good season.

NFC South
New Orleans 11-5*
Carolina 8-8
Atlanta 7-9
Tampa Bay 6-10

New Orleans will be alone in the playoffs in this division while Carolina misses out over offseason and Atlanta and Tampa Bay will do slightly better but still not good enough.The South will have a quiet 2014.

NFC West
Seattle 13-3*
San Fransisco 12-4*
St.Louis 8-8
Arizona 8-8

The toughest overall division is the NFC West with the 8-8 Rams and Cardinals at the bottom while Seattle and San Fransisco dominate in the playoffs.