In Detail:St.Louis Cardinals

This is my 25th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April.last year the Cardinals had a magical season that will not be repeated.But,the Cards will still do well overall.The Nationals and Dodgers will beat them to the NLCS though.My prediction for the Cards this year is 1st place,93-69,6th overall.What’s up with the rest of the NL Central?The Reds will be a tough opponent still,the Pirates nearly fell apart,the Cubs are preparing for a rebuild and the Brew Crew will just be hard to predict.Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday and are both ready for a good season while pitchers Lynn,Wainwright and Wacha will star. Who’s better,Cardinals Yadier Molina or Dodgers Yasiel Puig.Right now,Definetly Puig.Puig is one of the best baseball players of this season.The Cards had world series quality last year,but only playoff chances this year.

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