2014 NFL Preview:Before Draft

In my NFL 2014 preview I will include my predictions for the regular season and playoffs before the draft and compare them to my picks after the draft.I will also include another in detail series for NFL from September 1-October 2 since there is 32 teams and only 30 days of September.Here are my Regular Season picks.

*-playoff team

AFC East
New England 12-4*
NY Jets 8-8
Miami 7-9
Buffalo 5-11

The AFC East has not changed much since last year with the Pats left a 12-4 2nd playoff seed yet again.The other teams in the East won’t even be close to passing the Patriots.They used to always be amazing and beat up the Pats but it flipped when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady came along.

AFC North
Cincinnati 9-7*
Pittsburgh 9-7
Baltimore 8-8
Cleveland 8-8

The North will be super tight in 2014,there won’t be wild cards from this division and the obvious leader,the Bengals isn’t even going to be that great.This division has no chance whatever they do.I wouldn’t expect big things out of this division if I were you.

AFC South
Indianapolis 13-3*
Tennessee 8-8
Houston 6-10
Jacksonville 3-13

Indianapolis will dominate in this conference and division.There is no way the Jaguars,Titans or even the Texans will win it.The Colts will also have a good playoff run defeating the Chargers in the second round then losing to the Patriots in the AFC championship game.

AFC West
Denver 12-4*
San Diego 10-6*
Kansas City 10-6*
Oakland 2-14

First,Oakland will get beat up and won’t win a single game without some good draft pick like my first round pick for the Raiders,Sammy Watkins.Otherwise,they will win a solid two or three games but no more than four.Denver,San Diego and Kansas City will all make the playoffs again even tighter than last year.

NFC East
Philadelphia 11-5*
NY Giants 8-8
Washington 6-10
Dallas 5-11

The Cowboys are worse than people think.They had a horrible offseason.The Redskins are better even without a first round draft pick.They did well in free agency,and improved their staff and coach.The Giants will improve slightly while the Eagles continue to dominate.

NFC North
Green Bay 10-6*
Chicago 9-7*
Minnesota 7-9
Detroit 6-10

Another very tight division while the Lions defense blows it and Michael Vick could dominate with the Vikings and Peterson gets ready for a comeback.Green Bay will do better with Rodgers and the Bears are also ready for a good season.

NFC South
New Orleans 11-5*
Carolina 8-8
Atlanta 7-9
Tampa Bay 6-10

New Orleans will be alone in the playoffs in this division while Carolina misses out over offseason and Atlanta and Tampa Bay will do slightly better but still not good enough.The South will have a quiet 2014.

NFC West
Seattle 13-3*
San Fransisco 12-4*
St.Louis 8-8
Arizona 8-8

The toughest overall division is the NFC West with the 8-8 Rams and Cardinals at the bottom while Seattle and San Fransisco dominate in the playoffs.

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