In Detail:Boston Red Sox

This is my 27th post in my MLB in detail daily post series this April. The Red Sox are defending world series champions,but can they repeat?Maybe.2014 should be a pretty well played season.They have a chance of winning the division again but how will they do against the Rangers and Tigers,the other AL division winners? They can defeat the Tigers but the Rangers will be a little tougher. All three of the teams will have at least 90 wins.My BoSox prediction is 1st place,94-68,4th overall.The Red Sox 2013 rebuild included Victorino,Drew,Gomes and Napoli.They don’t have Stephen Drew anymore so they’ll be counting on Victorino,Gomes and Napoli but you can also include Ortiz,Pedroia,Middlebrooks,Bradley Jr.,Bogaerts and Pierzynski.Basically their whole offense is doing well.Can they count on injured prone star Grady Sizemore? Possibly. The Sox pitchers Lester,Lackey,Buchholz,Peavy and Uehara can be counted on to do well too.The Red Sox still have a great team but have weaknesses,like Felix Doubront and injuries.

One thought on “In Detail:Boston Red Sox

  1. I think you’re on the money with a lot of this. I feel like Detroit is well above the rest of the American League, Red Sox included, but a lot can happen between now and October.

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