Mike Trout BBTN 100’s No.1?

ESPN’s Baseball Tonight says Mike Trout is baseball’s #1 player,but I don’t think so.Here are my top 10 players

1.Miguel Cabrera,Tigers
2.Stephen Stratsburg,Nationals
3.Clayton Kershaw,Dodgers
4.Max Scherzer,Tigers
5.Koji Uehara,Red Sox
6.David Ortiz,Red Sox
7.Ryan Braun,Brewers
8.Bryce Harper,Nationals
9.Mike Trout,Angels
10.Yasiel Puig,Dodgers

Wild Card Chances

Division Winners
AL East:Boston
AL Central:Detroit
AL West:Texas
NL East:Washington
NL Central:St.Louis
NL West:LA Dodgers

Kansas City
NY Yankees
Tampa Bay
LA Angels
Chicago Sox

San Fransisco
Chicago Cubs
San Diego
NY Mets

MLB Week 1 Power Rankings

1.Nationals 0-0
2.Dodgers 2-0
3.Rangers 0-0
4.Red Sox 0-0
5.Tigers 0-0
6.Cardinals 0-0
7.Royals 0-0
8.Yankees 0-0
9.Reds 0-0
10.Giants 0-0
11.Rays 0-0
12.Athletics 0-0
13.Braves 0-0
14.Angels 0-0
15.Indians 0-0
16.Phillies 0-0
17.Pirates 0-0
18.D-Backs 0-2
19.Orioles 0-0
20.Blue Jays 0-0
21.Brewers 0-0
22.Mariners 0-0
23.Cubs 0-0
24.Padres 0-0
25.Rockies 0-0
26.Mets 0-0
27.White Sox 0-0
28.Marlins 0-0
29.Twins 0-0
30.Astros 0-0

Who Wins? Key Rivalries in 2014

Nationals vs Braves

Right now,I’d put Nationals over Braves.The Nats have two stars.A pitching star,Stephen Stratsburg and a batting star,Bryce Harper.That’s just about enough to beat the Braves and win the world series.

Rangers vs A’s

The Rangers have the best lineup in the MLB and right now,they can win in this matchup.I don’t even think the Athletics will make the playoffs.They’ll come in 2nd place with an 87-75 final record.

Red Sox vs Rays

The Sox definitely beat the Rays in this game.The Rays don’t have quality to be as hot as the top teams like the Sox and Yankees.

Red Sox vs Tigers

Red Sox win this one,but they would tie in a series of four games,2-2.Both of these teams are obvious division winners.

Tigers vs Royals

This is a tough one to judge but in the end,the Tigers win.The Royals are playoff quality,but do not have enough power to win the AL Central.

Cardinals vs Reds

Suprisingly,I would have to say the Reds.The Cardinals are absolutely not repeating in the world series,but in the division race,Cardinals win even though the Reds win at head to head games.

Reds vs Pirates

The Reds win again. they can beat any NL Central team.

Cubs vs Brewers

In head to head games,Brewers win.But overall,I put Cubs over Brewers.Although the Cubs have took a while to rebuild,they have a very bright future,a playoff quality future.

Padres vs Rockies

Padres win.The Padres don’t have any particular stars,put they work together well,better then a bunch of partial stars who just play for themselves.

NHL Week 21 Power Rankings

13.Maple Leafs
15.Red Wings
16.Blue Jackets

NBA Week 20 Power Rankings

1.Spurs 56-16
2.Clippers 51-22
3.Thunder 53-19
4.Pacers 52-21
5.Rockets 49-22
6.Heat 49-22
7.Warriors 45-27
8.Trail Blazers 47-27
9.Grizzlies 43-29
10.Mavericks 43-30
11.Bulls 40-32
12.Suns 44-29
13.Raptors 41-31
14.Nets 38-33
15.Wizards 37-35
16.Timberwolves 36-35
17.Bobcats 35-38
18.Pelicans 32-40
19.Nuggets 32-41
20.Hawks 31-40
21.Knicks 30-43
22.Cavaliers 29-45
23.Pistons 26-46
24.Kings 25-47
25.Jazz 24-48
26.Celtics 23-49
27.Lakers 23-50
28.Magic 21-52
29.Bucks 14-58
30.76ers 15-57

MLB Teams:Biggest Disappointments

This article shows 2014’s key disappointments for a single team.The Braves have dropped by 10 in rankings and records.The Mets dropped by 8 and stayed the same in the rankings.The Pirates have totally lost it.Their rank went down by 11 and their record went down by 16.
The Rays caused a small disappointment with their rank down by 1 and their record down by 4.
The Orioles dropped their record by 10 and their rank from 15th to 19th.The Indians’ record went down by 11 with a 7 spot ranking decrease.The Athletics caused the final disappointment,record down by 9,rank down by 6.

This article shows teams who I predicted to improve this year.The Nationals are one of the highest improvements and record,with a record projected to improve by 15 wins since 2013.Their rank moved from 12th to 1st.The Phillies are another projected team to improve.With a ranking from 23rd to 14th and an 11 game record improvement.The Cubs rank went up by 5 and their projected record is 8 games higher.The Giants record is projected to go up by 14 and their rank improved by 9.The Yankees are expected to have their record and rank both go up by 6.The Royals moved from 13th to 7th and their record is expected to go up by 4 games.The Rangers have gone up by 8 games and 9 ranks.The Angels Record went up by 6 and their rank moved up by 2.Those are the key improvements for 2014.

Boston vs Interleague

During the 2014 season the Red Sox Play 20 interleague games all against the NL Central.I will now write my predicted scores.

Boston vs St.Louis
Game 1 6-4 Sox
Game 2 7-6 Sox
Game 3 8-5 Cards
Game 4 7-6 Cards

Boston vs Cincinnati
Game 1 7-4 Sox
Game 2 8-7 Reds
Game 3 5-4 Sox
Game 4 5-3 Reds

Boston vs Pittsburgh
Game 1 6-4 Sox
Game 2 7-5 Sox
Game 3 7-4 Pirates
Game 4 8-6 Sox

Boston vs Chicago Cubs
Game 1 5-2 Sox
Game 2 6-0 Sox
Game 3 7-3 Sox
Game 4 4-1 Sox

Boston vs Milwaukee
Game 1 5-3 Sox
Game 2 7-1 Sox
Game 3 5-4 Brewers
Game 4 6-4 Sox