This article shows teams who I predicted to improve this year.The Nationals are one of the highest improvements and record,with a record projected to improve by 15 wins since 2013.Their rank moved from 12th to 1st.The Phillies are another projected team to improve.With a ranking from 23rd to 14th and an 11 game record improvement.The Cubs rank went up by 5 and their projected record is 8 games higher.The Giants record is projected to go up by 14 and their rank improved by 9.The Yankees are expected to have their record and rank both go up by 6.The Royals moved from 13th to 7th and their record is expected to go up by 4 games.The Rangers have gone up by 8 games and 9 ranks.The Angels Record went up by 6 and their rank moved up by 2.Those are the key improvements for 2014.

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