Red Sox Top Yankees In The Bronx as De La Rosa goes down sending Mookie Betts up

The Red Sox won last night with a solo home run by both David Ross and Mike Napoli while the Yankees scored on an error,hit by pitch,and an RBI groundout.It ended up being 2-1.The Red Sox are now 4-6 in their last ten,7-8 in their last 15 and 37-44 overall.Toronto and Baltimore lost which made the Red Sox only 7 out.The only other AL East team that won was the Rays who beat the Orioles.Meanwhile,as Buchholz rejoins the rotation while Doubront joins the bullpen, De La Rosa got sent down as Mookie Betts comes up.I think the typical lineup will be Holt,RF,Nava,LF,Pedroia,2B,Ortiz,DH,Napoli,1B,Bogaerts,SS,Pierzynski,C,Bradley Jr.,CF,Betts,3B. Drew,Holt,Bogaerts,Bradley Jr. and Betts will be rotating between center field,right field,3rd base and shortstop.With Victorino getting re-injured during rehab,the Sox must use the rotation wisely until the rest of the team is back.

MLB Week 14 Power Rankings

1.Athletics 50-30
2.Dodgers 46-37
3.Giants 46-35
4.Brewers 51-32
5.Tigers 44-33
6.Angels 45-34
7.Nationals 43-38
8.Cardinals 44-38
9.Royals 41-39
10.Blue Jays 45-38
11.Red Sox 37-44
12.Braves 43-38
13.Reds 42-38
14.Yankees 41-38
15.Rangers 37-43
16.Indians 39-41
17.Pirates 41-40
18.Mariners 43-38
19.Orioles 42-38
20.White Sox 38-44
21.Mets 37-44
22.Phillies 36-45
23.Rockies 36-45
24.Marlins 39-42
25.Diamondbacks 35-48
26.Twins 36-43
27.Cubs 34-46
28.Padres 34-47
29.Astros 35-47
30.Rays 34-49

2014-15 NBA Preview:After Draft

Today’s predictions will be based on the previous predictions and this draft chart below.
Round 1
No. Team Player Pos.
1. Cavaliers Andrew Wiggins SG
2. Bucks Jabari Parker SF
3. 76ers Joel Embiid C
4. Magic Aaron Gordon PF
5. Jazz          Dante Exum   PG
6. Celtics Marcus Smart PG
7. Lakers Julius Randle PF
8. Kings Nik Stauskas SG
9. Hornets Noah Vonleh PF
10. 76ers Elfrid Payton PG
11. Nuggets Doug McDermott SF
12. Magic Dario Saric PF
13. Timberwolves Zach LaVine PG
14. Suns T.J. Warren SF
15. Hawks Adreian Payne PF
16. Bulls          Jusuf Nurkic C
17. Celtics James Young SF
18. Suns Tyler Ennis PG
19. Bulls Gary Harris SG
20. Raptors Bruno Caboclo SF
21. Thunder Mitch McGary PF
22. Grizzlies Jordan Adams SG
23. Jazz Rodney Hood SG
24. Hornets Shabazz Napier PG
25. Rockets Clint Capela PF
26. Heat P.J. Hairston SG
27. Suns Bogdan Bogdanovic SG
28. Clippers C.J. Wilcox SG
29. Thunder Josh Huestis PF
30. Spurs Kyle Anderson PF
Round 2
No. Team Player Pos.
31. Bucks Damien Inglis SF
32. 76ers K.J. McDaniels SF
33. Cavaliers Joe Harris SG
34. Knicks Cleanthony Early SF
35. Jazz Jarnell Stokes PF
36. Bucks Johnny O’Bryant PF
37. Raptors DeAndre Daniels SF
38. Pistons Spencer Dinwiddie PG
39. 76ers Jerami Grant SF
40. Timberwolves Glenn Robinson III SF
41. Nuggets Nikola Jokic PF
42. Rockets Nick Johnson SG
43. Hawks Walter Tavares C
44. Timberwolves Markel Brown SG
45. Hornets Dwight Powell PF
46. Wizards Jordan Clarkson PG
47. 76ers Russ Smith SG
48. Bucks Lamar Patterson SF
49. Bulls Cameron Bairstow PF
50. Suns Alec Brown C
51. Knicks Thanasis Antetokounmpo SF
52. 76ers Vasilije Micic PG
53. Timberwolves Alessandro Gentile SF
54. 76ers Nemanja Dangubic SG
55. Heat Semaj Christon PG
56. Nuggets Roy Devyn Marble SF
57. Pacers Louis Labeyrie C
58. Spurs Jordan McRae SG
59. Raptors Xavier Thames PG
60. Spurs Cory Jefferson PF
Team Projected Record. Picks
Brooklyn. 48-34. —
Toronto. 46-36. Bruno Caboclo,Xavier Thames
Boston. 35-47. Marcus Smart,James Young
Philadelphia 29-53. Joel Embiid,Elfrid Payton,Vasilije Micic,Nemanja Dangubic
New York. 27-55 Cleanthony Early,Thanasis Antetokounmpo
Nice picks by the Celtics and 76ers and the Nets are good how they are.Toronto and New York just got worse.
Indiana. 58-24. Louis Labeyrie
Chicago. 55-27. Jusuf Nurkic,Gary Harris,Cameron Bairstow
Cleveland 41-41 Andrew Wiggins,Joe Harris
Milwaukee 22-60. Jabari Parker,Daman Inglis,Lamar Patterson
Detroit. 18-64. Spencer Dinwiddie
Cleveland and Milwaukee all stars made them both pass by Detroit who will stink this season.
Miami 54-28 P.J. Hairston,Semaj Christon
Charlotte 47-35. Noah Vonleh,Shabazz Napier
Washington 43-39 Jordan Clarkson
Atlanta 38-44. Walter Tavares,Adreian Payne
Orlando 30-52. Aaron Gordon,Dario Saric
Aaron Gordon was a surprise for the Magic,who improved on his behalf.The Wizards also picked Jordan Clarkson,another star.
But the best picks went to the Hornets who will be back in action this year.
Oklahoma City 60-22. Josh Huestis,Mitch McGary
Portland 51-31. —
Denver 44-38. Doug McDermott,Roy Devyn Marble,Nikola Jokic
Minnesota 28-54. Zach LaVine,Glenn Robinson III,Alessandro Gentile
Utah 21-61. Jarnell Stokes,Rodney Hood,Dante Exum
Nice picks by Utah and Minnesota didn’t cut it since the rest of Utah stinks and the Timberwolves are losing all star Kevin Love to possibly the Celtics.
San Antonio 67-15. Kyle Anderson,Cory Jefferson
Houston 56-26. Nick Johnson,Clint Capela
Dallas 54-28. —
Memphis 49-33. Jordan Adams
New Orleans 42-40. —
All the teams in this division will be above .500 and above 15th place and will most likely all make the playoffs although only 3 of 5 picked anyone.
LA Clippers 63-19. C.J. Wilcox
Golden State 55-27. —
Phoenix 44-38. Bogdan Bogdanovic,Alec Brown
LA Lakers 33-49. Julius Randle
Sacramento 24-58. Nik Stauskas
The Lakers pick remind me of the Celtics,a old team that was amazing who completely shut down and are currently rebuilding.The Suns have too many picks,some lousy and the Warriors have none.I think the Suns will offer Golden State Bogdanovic.Wilcox will help the Clippers be even better than before.So those are my NBA 2014-15 predictions.What are yours?Write about it in comments.

2014-15 NBA Preview:Before Draft

Welcome to the start of this year’s NBA predictions which will include In Detail posts,power rankings each month changing to each week when the season starts and a preview of the standings before and after the draft.

Brooklyn 48-34
Toronto 46-36
Boston 33-49
New York 29-53
Philadelphia 27-55

The Celtics may have new members Kevin Love and Marcus Smart.They can only hope to get LeBron James but who knows?They’ll be back in the playoffs with LeBron.The Nets have what the all star Celtics used to have and are capable of defeating the former best team in the worst division,the Raptors.

Indiana 57-25
Chicago 54-28
Cleveland 40-42
Detroit 23-59
Milwaukee 16-66

Even though the Pacers are too good for the Bulls,they are a top team.Cleveland is much farther in the standings from Detroit and Milwaukee is closer.The Pacers are only inches away from being defeated by the Bulls but are still a little too good for them.

Miami 56-26
Charlotte 45-37
Washington 42-40
Atlanta 39-43
Orlando 28-54

The Heat may be in trouble while LeBron moves on to his 3rd team which is not currently known.The Hornets will surprise everyone defeating the playoff starring Washington Wizards.The Hawks continue to struggle while the improved Magic could perform better during parts of the season.

Oklahoma City 60-22
Portland 57-25
Denver 44-38
Minnesota 32-50
Utah 14-68

The Timberwolves are in jeapordy if they lose their only hope,Kevin Love,expected to join the Celtics.While Oklahoma City dominates,Portland may be a good team as well.While the T-Wolves lose it,their rival the Denver Nuggets improve and the Utah Jazz will stink,so the T-Wolves shouldn’t worry about last place,I predict 4th place for them.

San Antonio 67-15
Houston 59-23
Dallas 57-25
Memphis 53-29
New Orleans 41-41

This is the best division,but better.The Spurs will dominate while Houston and Dallas are very tight although Houston will win by the opposite of what you’d call a long shot.Memphis won’t be quite as close to Dallas as last year but will still be a good team.Nobody in this division will be over 15th place and .500,even the Pelicans.

LA Clippers 62-20
Golden State 54-28
Phoenix 43-39
LA Lakers 29-53
Sacramento 21-61

The Clippers will win it with the Warriors right behind while the Suns become more like an average team rather than a good team.The Lakers will be slightly better and may be ahead of Phoenix for part of the season while the Kings stay in dead last.

My SportsNation Updated MLB Week 13 Power Rankings

1.Athletics 47-29

2.Giants 45-30

3.Brewers 47-30

4.Dodgers 42-35

5.Tigers 40-32

6.Cardinals 41-35

7.Nationals 39-35

8.Royals 39-36

9.Angels 41-33

10.Blue Jays 42-35

11.Red Sox 35-41

12.Yankees 39-35

13.Braves 38-37

14.Reds 37-37

15.Pirates 37-38

16.Indians 37-39

17.Rangers 35-40

18.Orioles 39-35

19.Mariners 40-36

20.Marlins 37-38

21.Phillies 34-40

22.White Sox 35-41

23.Mets 35-41

24.Twins 36-38

25.Rockies 34-41

26.Cubs 31-42

27.Astros 33-44

28.Padres 32-44

29.Rays 31-46

30.Diamondbacks 32-47

MLB Week 13 Power Rankings

1.Athletics 47-28
2.Giants 44-30
3.Brewers 46-30
4.Blue Jays 42-34
5.Dodgers 41-35
6.Nationals 38-35
7.Tigers 39-32
8.Royals 39-35
9.Cardinals 40-35
10.Red Sox 34-41
11.Angels 40-33
12.Yankees 39-34
13.Braves 38-36
14.Reds 36-37
15.Indians 37-38
16.Rangers 35-39
17.Pirates 36-38
18.Orioles 38-35
19.Mariners 39-36
20.Marlins 37-37
21.Phillies 34-39
22.White Sox 35-40
23.Rockies 35-41
24.Twins 35-38
25.Mets 34-41
26.Cubs 31-41
27.Padres 32-43
28.Astros 33-43
29.Diamondbacks 32-46
30.Rays 30-48

Red Sox Sweep Twins With Great Pitching

The Red Sox swept the Twins by only scoring 5 runs in the entire series but only allowing 2 runs.With Napoli and Nava back,the ideal batting order has been Holt,Bogaerts,Pedroia,Ortiz,Napoli,Nava,Pierzynski,Sizemore,
Bradley Jr.In the series they had De La Rosa,Lester and Lackey pitching some of their best pitches this season.They improved their record from 31-38 to 34-38 and have gone 6-4 in their last ten and 7-8 in their last fifteen.I think that even with injuries,they still could be able to pull it together this season alongside the Reds,another struggling team in the MLB that was expected to do better.Things are starting to look a little more like what I predicted.