2014-15 NBA Preview:Before Draft

Welcome to the start of this year’s NBA predictions which will include In Detail posts,power rankings each month changing to each week when the season starts and a preview of the standings before and after the draft.

Brooklyn 48-34
Toronto 46-36
Boston 33-49
New York 29-53
Philadelphia 27-55

The Celtics may have new members Kevin Love and Marcus Smart.They can only hope to get LeBron James but who knows?They’ll be back in the playoffs with LeBron.The Nets have what the all star Celtics used to have and are capable of defeating the former best team in the worst division,the Raptors.

Indiana 57-25
Chicago 54-28
Cleveland 40-42
Detroit 23-59
Milwaukee 16-66

Even though the Pacers are too good for the Bulls,they are a top team.Cleveland is much farther in the standings from Detroit and Milwaukee is closer.The Pacers are only inches away from being defeated by the Bulls but are still a little too good for them.

Miami 56-26
Charlotte 45-37
Washington 42-40
Atlanta 39-43
Orlando 28-54

The Heat may be in trouble while LeBron moves on to his 3rd team which is not currently known.The Hornets will surprise everyone defeating the playoff starring Washington Wizards.The Hawks continue to struggle while the improved Magic could perform better during parts of the season.

Oklahoma City 60-22
Portland 57-25
Denver 44-38
Minnesota 32-50
Utah 14-68

The Timberwolves are in jeapordy if they lose their only hope,Kevin Love,expected to join the Celtics.While Oklahoma City dominates,Portland may be a good team as well.While the T-Wolves lose it,their rival the Denver Nuggets improve and the Utah Jazz will stink,so the T-Wolves shouldn’t worry about last place,I predict 4th place for them.

San Antonio 67-15
Houston 59-23
Dallas 57-25
Memphis 53-29
New Orleans 41-41

This is the best division,but better.The Spurs will dominate while Houston and Dallas are very tight although Houston will win by the opposite of what you’d call a long shot.Memphis won’t be quite as close to Dallas as last year but will still be a good team.Nobody in this division will be over 15th place and .500,even the Pelicans.

LA Clippers 62-20
Golden State 54-28
Phoenix 43-39
LA Lakers 29-53
Sacramento 21-61

The Clippers will win it with the Warriors right behind while the Suns become more like an average team rather than a good team.The Lakers will be slightly better and may be ahead of Phoenix for part of the season while the Kings stay in dead last.

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