Red Sox Sweep Twins With Great Pitching

The Red Sox swept the Twins by only scoring 5 runs in the entire series but only allowing 2 runs.With Napoli and Nava back,the ideal batting order has been Holt,Bogaerts,Pedroia,Ortiz,Napoli,Nava,Pierzynski,Sizemore,
Bradley Jr.In the series they had De La Rosa,Lester and Lackey pitching some of their best pitches this season.They improved their record from 31-38 to 34-38 and have gone 6-4 in their last ten and 7-8 in their last fifteen.I think that even with injuries,they still could be able to pull it together this season alongside the Reds,another struggling team in the MLB that was expected to do better.Things are starting to look a little more like what I predicted.

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