NHL 2014-15 Predictions

Here are my NHL 2014-15 predictions. Comment if you think something will turn out different then I predicted.
1.Boston Bruins 104 pts
2.Tampa Bay Lightning 97 pts
3.Detroit Red Wings 93 pts
4.Montreal Canadiens 92 pts
5.Ottawa Senators 79 pts
6.Toronto Maple Leafs 76 pts
7.Buffalo Sabres 71 pts
8.Florida Panthers 64 pts

1.Pittsburgh Penguins 114 pts
2.Philadelphia Flyers 108 pts
3.New York Rangers 95 pts
4.Columbus Blue Jackets 91 pts
5.Washington Capitals 86 pts
6.Carolina Hurricanes 79 pts
7.New Jersey Devils 74 pts
8.New York Islanders 71 pts

1.Chicago Blackhawks 119 pts
2.St. Louis Blues 112 pts
3.Colorado Avalanche 98 pts
4.Dallas Stars 96 pts
5.Minnesota Wild 92 pts
6.Nashville Predators 89 pts
7.Winnipeg Jets 68 pts

1.Los Angeles Kings 108 pts
2.San Jose Sharks 100 pts
3.Anaheim Ducks 94 pts
4.Arizona Coyotes 88 pts
5.Vancouver Canucks 81 pts
6.Calgary Flames 73 pts
7.Edmonton Oilers 61 pts

Overall Rankings
3.St. Louis
4.Los Angeles
7.San Jose
9.Tampa Bay
11.NY Rangers
24.New Jersey
26.NY Islanders

4.Tampa Bay
5.NY Rangers

2.Los Angeles
3.St. Louis
4.San Jose

Chicago 4-0 over Minnesota
Dallas upsets Los Angeles 4-3
St. Louis 4-2 over Anaheim
Colorado upsets San Jose 4-2
Pittsburgh 4-0 over Columbus
Boston 4-2 over Montreal
Philadelphia 4-1 over Detroit
NY Rangers upset Tampa Bay 4-3

Chicago 4-2 over Colorado
Dallas upsets St. Louis 4-3
Pittsburgh 4-1 over NY Rangers
Boston 4-3 over Philadelphia

Conference Finals
Chicago 4-3 over Dallas
Pittsburgh 4-3 over Boston

Stanley Cup
Chicago 4-3 over Pittsburgh

In Detail: Carolina Panthers

This is my 15th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I may be a little behind this year. Next year, I plan to do something called team of the week. Each week I will choose a team and give you 5 clues of what it is. You can try and guess who it is by commenting. I will choose the team that’s the strongest team matchup wise that has not already been used. I suspect it will work best with the NFL. The Panthers are slowing down after last year’s wrath but are slightly better than the Falcons. They would not be team of the week ever this year. It would have been Philly in Week 1,The Redskins in Week 2,the Pats in Week 3, and San Diego in Week 4. If Cam Newton can stay healthy, he and Greg Olsen,Jonathan Stewart,Kelvin Benjamin and DeAngelo Williams. They can still beat some good teams about as good as the Packers at home but can lose to a team as bad as the Vikings when they’re on the road. How will they do around the NFL? My prediction is for Carolina to be in 2nd place in the NFC South, with a record of 8-8 being ranked 18 overall. The Panthers have a good team but can they compare to a super bowl champion? NO WAY. So the Panthers are still elite and could make the playoffs but they will probably not after losing Steve Smith.

My Say on the NFL Outcome Week 4

Today, instead of doing one paragraph on each division, I’ve supported you eith a comment about each team.
AFC East
1.New England Patriots 11-5-Monster offseason but what are they doing?
2.New York Jets 7-9-Will struggle early but they still have some good pickups like Eric Decker and Chris Johnson. Right now they stink though
3.Buffalo Bills 6-10-Sammy Watkins an opimprovement from last year especially with quarterback Kyle Orton
4.Miami Dolphins 6-10-Better luck when Moreno comes back

AFC North
Cincinnati Bengals 10-6-Still good but loss of Green-Ellis hurt and they were lucky last year
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7-This team will be on the rise and should be a playoff contender again soon.
Baltimore Ravens 8-8-Better luck when Ray Rice returns, still a good team though
Cleveland Browns 6-10-Unless they can find one superstar rather than a bunch of small talent or Manziel starts and improves, they won’t be in the race.

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts 12-4-Luck and his crew won’t be out of luck this year
Houston Texans 8-8-Still rebuilding from last year but they have some all stars on the team.
Tennessee Titans 6-10-I can’t name one guy on Tennessee in the Top 30 of a position.
Jacksonville Jaguars 2-14-Is Blake Bortles the answer? Again no Top 30 by position players.

AFC West
Denver Broncos 12-4-Monster offseason but monster schedule will hold them back. expecting maybe 14-2 next year.
San Diego Chargers 10-6-For real this year, they are ready for a better season
Kansas City Chiefs 9-7-Last year fell apart, this year I believe will come together late in.
Oakland Raiders 1-15-This squad full of junk might be winless. It’ll be a 2008 Lions repeat.

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles 11-5-Monster offense, defense a puzzle in progress
New York Giants 8-8-Can Eli Manning pull it together this year?
Washington Redskins 6-10-Would you call them a bad team? Not me.
Dallas Cowboys 5-11-Break down season. Defense stinks. Offense rules but it’s not enough and defense wins the game, or loses it in this case.

NFC North
Green Bay Packers 11-5 Rebuilding to become the division leader again.
Chicago Bears 10-6-Monster offense but can defense keep things up with Lance Briggs and Kyle Fuller?
Detroit Lions 7-9-Defense struggle but offense is good enough to get them near .500.
Minnesota Vikings 5-11-BOOOOOOO! With Peterson gone, the twin cities are out of it.

NFC South
New Orleans Saints 11-5-Struggle to start but they can pull it together.
Atlanta Falcons 9-7-Welcome back to the playoff race, Falcons.
Carolina Panthers 8-8-Slowed down from a 12-4 year in 2013.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-13-Bucs monster defense breaking down without Revis.

NFC West
Seattle Seahawks 13-3-Still a playoff contender, but can’t be champs again.
San Francisco 49ers 12-4-Sneaking up on Seattle to possibly take back the lead of the NFC West.
Arizona Cardinals 7-9-Without Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t have a good QB to receive from.
St. Louis Rams 7-9-The quarterback situation is a problem and this rebuilt offense won’t go anywhere until that’s fixed.

1.Denver Broncos 12-4
2.Indianapolis Colts 12-4
3.New England Patriots 11-5
4.Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
5.San Diego Chargers 10-6
6.Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7

1.Seattle Seahawks 13-3
2.Green Bay Packers 11-5
3.New Orleans Saints 11-5
4.Philadelphia Eagles 11-5
5.San Francisco 49ers 12-4
6.Chicago Bears 10-6

Wild Card
New England 41,Pittsburgh 27
San Diego 31,Cincinnati 27
San Francisco 38,Philadelphia 34
New Orleans 41,Chicago 34
New England 38,Indianapolis 34
Denver 38,San Diego 31
Seattle 41, San Francisco 38
Green Bay 41,New Orleans 38
New England 41,Denver 38
Green Bay 41,Seattle 38
Super Bowl XLIX
New England 38,Green Bay 34