Red Sox Win 3 of 4,sign Cuban Player Rusney Castillo

The Sox received Allen Craig, Xander Bogaerts and David Ross from the DL to win 3 of 4 although Ortiz and Pedroia both delt with day to day injuries. They defeated the Jays and Rays, Jays twice and Rays once. They also signed Cuban player Rusmuy Castillo.According to Yoenis Cespedes, he is as good as Yasiel Puig. Jose Abreu and Cespedes are also Cuban players
along with Puig and they’re pretty good.I predict that Castillo will play this year,but it will need to be next year before he really impacts the offense.The Sox will also begin a 6 man rotation including Workman,De La Rosa,Kelly,Buchholz,Webster and Ranaudo. MThe Red Sox are done this year, but at this point 2015 will be a playoff contending year. September is around the bend and Castillo may play in the majors along with Herrera and JBJ. According to new improved math I did based on the pace I predicted for each team,the Sox will go 76-86.Last place,but 7 games ahead of 2012.Are the Sox finished or can they break the 2012 season’s record of 69-93?

In Detail:Oakland Raiders

Football season is finnally here and so are more in detail previews. I will do one from August 30-September 30. I need two days in August since the NFL has 32 teams.
Well, today is my 1st post in the 2014 NFL in detail post series. The Raiders, I know that they have Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew and Khalil Mack, how much can they do? Jones-Drew is not elite and even if he was,this team is not his fit. I mean, Mack is alright, but youth is nessecary for Oakland. If they get a 1st pick, maybe next year for this team but this year has gone down the drain. I really don’t believe this team can compete in such a tough division. Well, you want to hear my record projection this season? Fine. You might be disappointed by it. I predict they will come in last place in the AFC West ranking 32 overall with only a 2-14 record to offer in 2014. As bad as last year’s Houston Texans if not worse, they just had a very tough schedule and this year will be a huge rebuild in Houston. They lost Matt Schaub to Oakland, which is funny because he might be quarterback of the worst team 2 years in a row. But they do have JJ Watt,Jadeveon Clowney,Andre Johnson and Arian Foster who will all make a significant impact on Houston.So, if the Raiders are the worst like I predict, let Matt Schaub be on the worst team 2 years straight and hope him and the Raiders have better luck this year because right now, his career just stinks.

Patriots Final Roster Prediction

1.Tom Brady
2.Jimmy Garropollo
3.Ryan Mallett

Running Backs
1.Stevan Ridley
2.Shane Vereen
3.James Develin
4.James White
5.Brandon Bolden

Wide Recievers
1.Danny Amendola
2.Julian Edelman
3.Aaron Dobson
4.Kenbrell Thompkins
5.Brandon LaFell
6.Josh Boyce

Tight Ends
1.Rob Gronkowski
2.Michael Hoomanawanuui
3.Tim Wright

1.Ryan Wendell
2.Bryan Stork
3.Danny Aiken

Offensive Tackles
1.Sebastian Vollmer
2.Nate Solder
3.Jordan Devey
4.Marcus Cannon
5.Cameron Fleming

Offensive Guards
1.Dan Connolly
2.Josh Kline
3.Chris Barker
4.Jon Halapio

Defensive End
1.Rob Ninkovich
2.Chandler Jones
3.Michael Buchanan
4.Jake Bequette

Defensive Tackle
1.Vince Wilfork
2.Seaver Siliga
3.Chris Jones
4.Dominque Easley
5.Joe Vellano

Line Backer
1.Jerod Mayo
2.Dont’a Hightower
3.Darius Fleming
4.Jamie Collins

Corner Back
1.Darrelle Revis
2.Brandon Browner
3.Kyle Arrington
4.Alfonso Dennard
5.Logan Ryan

Defensive Back
1.Nate Ebner

1.Devin McCourty
2.Patrick Chung
3.Tavon Wilson

1.Stephen Gostkowski

Punt Returner
1.Matthew Slater

1.Ryan Allen

Patriots Defeat Panthers,Make Worthless Trade

The Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 30-7. Tom Brady started most of the game but late in, Garroppolo got a chance to play. They also traded Logan Mankins today. When I heard it, I was in shock and I still am. Logan Mankins? Just about the best lineman in Patriots history. He played for 10 years and his salary cap got too high to manage, so they traded him but got nothing back! Tight end Tim Wright and only a 4th round draft pick. Not 1st, not 2nd, not 3rd, but 4th round! When you go over the good Pats players before the trade, you think Brady,Revis,Gronkowski,Wilfork,Mayo and Mankins! He was getting old and we did have a tight end weakness though, due to Gronk returning from surgery and Hooman possibly going on the injured reserve. Tim Wright was a draft pick who’s a 6′ 4″ tight end. I’ve heard he’s an OK player but cannot compare to Mankins, even when you include the draft pick.They did not have to give up somebody as good as Mankins just to get Tim Wright!
Back to the game,Brady got a touchdown,field goal pattern three times then it was 30-0 and Carolina finally scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter and it was 30-7 for the final score.I think Carolina will be 8-8,in 2nd place in the NFC South and missing the playoffs while the Pats dominate to win the super bowl.I have a good feeling about the Pats in 2014 more then any other New England team.

My SportsNation MLB Week 22 Power Rankings

(records as of Monday)
1.Nationals 75-54

2.Angels 77-52

3.Dodgers 74-58

4.Royals 72-57

5.Athletics 76-53

6.Cardinals 70-59

7.Tigers 70-59

8.Brewers 72-58

9.Giants 68-61

10.Orioles 74-55

11.Yankees 67-61

12.Reds 63-68

13.Braves 68-63

14.Indians 66-63

15.Mariners 71-58

16.Rays 64-66

17.Pirates 67-64

18.Red Sox 56-74

19.Blue Jays 66-64

20.Marlins 64-64

21.Padres 60-69

22.Phillies 58-72

23.Cubs 58-72

24.Mets 61-70

25.Rangers 50-79

26.White Sox 59-71

27.D-backs 55-76

28.Twins 58-72

29.Astros 55-76

30.Rockies 53-77

My SportsNation Updated MLB Week 21 Power Rankings

1.Nationals 69-53

2.Royals 68-55

3.Dodgers 70-56

4.Angels 72-50

5.Athletics 73-51

6.Tigers 66-56

7.Cardinals 66-57

8.Giants 65-58

9.Yankees 63-59

10.Brewers 70-55

11.Braves 64-60

12.Reds 61-63

13.Orioles 70-52

14.Indians 62-61

15.Mariners 67-56

16.Pirates 64-60

17.Red Sox 56-67

18.Rays 61-63

19.Blue Jays 64-61

20.Marlins 62-62

21.Padres 58-65

22.White Sox 59-65

23.Phillies 54-70

24.Rangers 48-76

25.Cubs 53-70

26.Mets 59-66

27.D-backs 53-71

28.Twins 55-67

29.Astros 52-74

30.Rockies 47-75

MLB Week 21 Power Rankings

1.Nationals 68-53 
2.Dodgers 70-56 
3.Angels 72-50
4.Royals 68-55
5.Athletics 73-50 
6.Tigers 66-56 
7.Cardinals 66-57
8.Giants 65-58
9.Yankees 63-59
10.Brewers 70-55
11.Reds 61-61
12.Braves 63-60
13.Indians 62-61
14.Orioles 70-52
15.Pirates 64-59
16.Mariners 67-56
17.Rays 61-63
18.Red Sox 56-67
19.Blue Jays 64-61
20.Marlins 62-62
21.White Sox 59-65
22.Padres 58-65
23.Phillies 54-70
24.Cubs 53-70
25.Rangers 48-76
26.Mets 59-66
27.Diamondbacks 53-71
28.Twins 55-67
29.Astros 52-73
30.Rockies 47-75

Patriots Defeat Eagles in 2nd Preseason Game

The Patriots used all 3 quarterbacks to beat the Philadelphia Eagles by a touchdown.The Eagles started the game with an interception touchdown followed by their first timeout.6 minutes later it was a touchdown for the Patriots!Their first touchdown of the 2014-15 season.They moved the extra point to the 15 yard line for the first two weeks of the preseason to make it possible for more 6 point touchdowns.After that,the Eagles started a drive and fumbled immediately after.Jimmy Garropollo took over for the Pats at that point who passes to James Develin to get in the red zone again.Then Garropollo passes again to Develin for a touchdown.14-7,2:39 left in the 1st.No more scoring in the 1st quarter but the teams tie it in the 2nd.The Eagles scored two touchdowns and the Patriots scored one.At halftime it was tied 21-21.Ryan Mallett handled the 3rd scoring one more touchdown for the Patriots.Both teams scored touchdowns again shortly after to make it 35-28 Patriots.The Eagles scored again tying it at 35.The Patriots scored at the end to make it a 42-35 win.The Patriots are now 1-1 in the preseason winning only the home games so far.Football season is getting closer and team by team NFL in detail post series previews are coming so predictions are not done.Who wins the Super Bowl and how will the Patriots do? Regular season starts September 4 and the first Pats game is September 7,so we’ll see soon.

Red Sox Win 4 Straight,6 of their last 7

The Red Sox are finally onto a winning streak,winning 4 straight by beating the Angels,sweeping Cincinnati in 2 games and beating the Astros.They also beat the Angels and Cardinals 2 out of 3 times before it.So they’ve won 6 of their last 7.Their record went 49-64 to 55-65.They lost Craig and almost lost Yoenis Cespedes but he was in the lineup and part of last night’s rally in the 6th inning making the score change from 4-1 Astros to 8-4 Red Sox and the final score was 9-4 Red Sox.I think at this point it will be these teams in the playoffs:
DW1 Detroit
DW2 Oakland
DW3 NY Yankees
WC1 LA Angels
WC2 Kansas City
DW1 Washington
DW2 LA Dodgers
DW3 St. Louis
WC1 San Francisco
WC2 Atlanta

San Francisco and Kansas City win,then they both get beat by the 1 seeds,Washington and Detroit in 5 games in the AL and 4 games in the NL.The Dodgers will win in 5 beating the Cards and Oakland will sweep the Yankees in 3.Detroit will beat Oakland in the ALCS now in 7 and Washington will beat the Dodgers in 7.Then The Nationals win the world series in 7 games.
The Red Sox have no chance.They might get over .500 but 90 wins,no.Maybe even 89 wins but not 90.The Red Sox are obviously planning for 2015,but not tanking,and 2015 could be the year for the Sox while it could be this year for the Patriots.

NBA Playoff Preview

(1)Chicago over Toronto(8) 4-1
(2)Indiana over Charlotte(7) 4-3
(3)Cleveland over Brooklyn(6) 4-2
(5)Washington over Miami(4) 4-3
(1)San Antonio over Memphis(8) 4-1
(2)LA Clippers over Portland(7) 4-1
(3)Oklahoma City over Dallas(6) 4-3
(5)Golden State over Houston(4) 4-3
(1)Chicago over Washington(5) 4-2
(3)Cleveland over Indiana(2) 4-3
(1)San Antonio over Golden State(5) 4-2
(2)LA Clippers over Oklahoma City(3) 4-3
Conference Finals
(3)Cleveland over Chicago(1) 4-3
(1)San Antonio over LA Clippers(2) 4-3
NBA Finals
(3)Cleveland over San Antonio(1) 4-3