Red Sox Win 3 of 4,sign Cuban Player Rusney Castillo

The Sox received Allen Craig, Xander Bogaerts and David Ross from the DL to win 3 of 4 although Ortiz and Pedroia both delt with day to day injuries. They defeated the Jays and Rays, Jays twice and Rays once. They also signed Cuban player Rusmuy Castillo.According to Yoenis Cespedes, he is as good as Yasiel Puig. Jose Abreu and Cespedes are also Cuban players
along with Puig and they’re pretty good.I predict that Castillo will play this year,but it will need to be next year before he really impacts the offense.The Sox will also begin a 6 man rotation including Workman,De La Rosa,Kelly,Buchholz,Webster and Ranaudo. MThe Red Sox are done this year, but at this point 2015 will be a playoff contending year. September is around the bend and Castillo may play in the majors along with Herrera and JBJ. According to new improved math I did based on the pace I predicted for each team,the Sox will go 76-86.Last place,but 7 games ahead of 2012.Are the Sox finished or can they break the 2012 season’s record of 69-93?

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