In Detail:Oakland Raiders

Football season is finnally here and so are more in detail previews. I will do one from August 30-September 30. I need two days in August since the NFL has 32 teams.
Well, today is my 1st post in the 2014 NFL in detail post series. The Raiders, I know that they have Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew and Khalil Mack, how much can they do? Jones-Drew is not elite and even if he was,this team is not his fit. I mean, Mack is alright, but youth is nessecary for Oakland. If they get a 1st pick, maybe next year for this team but this year has gone down the drain. I really don’t believe this team can compete in such a tough division. Well, you want to hear my record projection this season? Fine. You might be disappointed by it. I predict they will come in last place in the AFC West ranking 32 overall with only a 2-14 record to offer in 2014. As bad as last year’s Houston Texans if not worse, they just had a very tough schedule and this year will be a huge rebuild in Houston. They lost Matt Schaub to Oakland, which is funny because he might be quarterback of the worst team 2 years in a row. But they do have JJ Watt,Jadeveon Clowney,Andre Johnson and Arian Foster who will all make a significant impact on Houston.So, if the Raiders are the worst like I predict, let Matt Schaub be on the worst team 2 years straight and hope him and the Raiders have better luck this year because right now, his career just stinks.

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