NBA Playoff Preview

(1)Chicago over Toronto(8) 4-1
(2)Indiana over Charlotte(7) 4-3
(3)Cleveland over Brooklyn(6) 4-2
(5)Washington over Miami(4) 4-3
(1)San Antonio over Memphis(8) 4-1
(2)LA Clippers over Portland(7) 4-1
(3)Oklahoma City over Dallas(6) 4-3
(5)Golden State over Houston(4) 4-3
(1)Chicago over Washington(5) 4-2
(3)Cleveland over Indiana(2) 4-3
(1)San Antonio over Golden State(5) 4-2
(2)LA Clippers over Oklahoma City(3) 4-3
Conference Finals
(3)Cleveland over Chicago(1) 4-3
(1)San Antonio over LA Clippers(2) 4-3
NBA Finals
(3)Cleveland over San Antonio(1) 4-3

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