Red Sox Win 4 Straight,6 of their last 7

The Red Sox are finally onto a winning streak,winning 4 straight by beating the Angels,sweeping Cincinnati in 2 games and beating the Astros.They also beat the Angels and Cardinals 2 out of 3 times before it.So they’ve won 6 of their last 7.Their record went 49-64 to 55-65.They lost Craig and almost lost Yoenis Cespedes but he was in the lineup and part of last night’s rally in the 6th inning making the score change from 4-1 Astros to 8-4 Red Sox and the final score was 9-4 Red Sox.I think at this point it will be these teams in the playoffs:
DW1 Detroit
DW2 Oakland
DW3 NY Yankees
WC1 LA Angels
WC2 Kansas City
DW1 Washington
DW2 LA Dodgers
DW3 St. Louis
WC1 San Francisco
WC2 Atlanta

San Francisco and Kansas City win,then they both get beat by the 1 seeds,Washington and Detroit in 5 games in the AL and 4 games in the NL.The Dodgers will win in 5 beating the Cards and Oakland will sweep the Yankees in 3.Detroit will beat Oakland in the ALCS now in 7 and Washington will beat the Dodgers in 7.Then The Nationals win the world series in 7 games.
The Red Sox have no chance.They might get over .500 but 90 wins,no.Maybe even 89 wins but not 90.The Red Sox are obviously planning for 2015,but not tanking,and 2015 could be the year for the Sox while it could be this year for the Patriots.

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