Patriots Defeat Eagles in 2nd Preseason Game

The Patriots used all 3 quarterbacks to beat the Philadelphia Eagles by a touchdown.The Eagles started the game with an interception touchdown followed by their first timeout.6 minutes later it was a touchdown for the Patriots!Their first touchdown of the 2014-15 season.They moved the extra point to the 15 yard line for the first two weeks of the preseason to make it possible for more 6 point touchdowns.After that,the Eagles started a drive and fumbled immediately after.Jimmy Garropollo took over for the Pats at that point who passes to James Develin to get in the red zone again.Then Garropollo passes again to Develin for a touchdown.14-7,2:39 left in the 1st.No more scoring in the 1st quarter but the teams tie it in the 2nd.The Eagles scored two touchdowns and the Patriots scored one.At halftime it was tied 21-21.Ryan Mallett handled the 3rd scoring one more touchdown for the Patriots.Both teams scored touchdowns again shortly after to make it 35-28 Patriots.The Eagles scored again tying it at 35.The Patriots scored at the end to make it a 42-35 win.The Patriots are now 1-1 in the preseason winning only the home games so far.Football season is getting closer and team by team NFL in detail post series previews are coming so predictions are not done.Who wins the Super Bowl and how will the Patriots do? Regular season starts September 4 and the first Pats game is September 7,so we’ll see soon.

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