Breaking Now: Brady Suspension Upheld

Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension for being accused of DeflateGate has been upheld by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Roger Goodell, are you crazy?  Greg Hardy’s suspension for abusing his girlfriend was reduced from 10 games to 4 games, and Brady’s stays at 4?  Hardy broke not just NFL rules, but the law!!  Brady only broke the NFL rules, and allegedly cheated, but he still has minded the law.  Reduce it to two games at least!!!

Especially being a Pats fan, I am very annoyed by this!!  Not just this though, annoyed with all of Goodell’s stupid decisions.  Replace Goodell with a reasonable commissioner.  One who if they can’t come up with good suspension logic, either ditch suspensions altogether, or don’t let crooks like Peterson and Rice play and leave guys like Brady alone.  OK, it was smart to change the deflation rules but I can’t think of any other smart decision Goodell has made!!!  Fans don’t want to see crooks play football.  Hockey and baseball are managed way better than this.  You might as well call it crook ball.

Back on Brady’s case, I think he should take it to federal court.  Now that it’s going to court, what Brady did or didn’t do will not be discussed.  This case will be all about how Brady was treated unfairly by the NFL.  So, Brady still could have his suspension reduced, to no games because if Adrian Peterson can win his appeal, why can’t Brady? Evidence that he destroyed his phone used from November to March, with over 10,000 texts on it as nothing to do with this case.  He wasn’t going to give up his phone, whether he deleted it or not, so this is not really new info.   I believe in Brady, and the rule change just proves that the NFL admits they had bad rules.  Why should a player get suspended for breaking a rule that was poorly constructed?  Makes no sense.  Things could go in any direction for Brady at this point, but I think he could still get off clean and lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl 50 victory.  Brady has always shown that when people doubt him, he rises to the challenge.  If this DeflateGate circus is not the best motivation he’s had since being drafted, I don’t know what is.

One thought on “Breaking Now: Brady Suspension Upheld

  1. Alright. Good article. I have too disagree with one thing though. Fans want to see the best players play. They don’t really care if they are crooks(as long as they are on there team).

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