In Detail: San Diego Padres

This is my 4th post in my MLB in detail post series this April.  The Padres may be the most challenging team I try to analyze this season.  Much like the Astros I previously analyzed, they have many good options, but none of them are superstars.  Well, besides James Shields, who will really help the team.  The rotation is decent, they have a much improved outfield, and the infield is decent.  Plus, they have a decent catcher.  Well, I made all my positive comments for now.  Now let’s talk about possible weaknesses.  First, the bullpen is currently pretty empty.  They need some much better relievers in there.  Also, the infield could be better.  Maybe add a few backups better than the ones they currently have.  They also could use a backup catcher, just anybody.  Their current backup catcher is on the 60 day disabled list.  Otherwise, the other aspects of the team aren’t bad.  The Padres might be better than I’m expecting.  Oh.  That reminds me, I still need to make my predictions for San Diego.  My prediction for the Padres is 5th place in the NL West, having a 68-94 record and being ranked 27th overall.  I know, those of you who saw my last post know I’m out of order.  The thing is, I don’t see much of a difference between how the Padres will do and how the Astros will do.  They have similar strengths and weaknesses that lead to a very similar outcome.  So, it isn’t too far out of order.  For those of you who still care, I started looking at previous rankings for the rest of the calendar, which I’m using as a reference to help me remember what team to post about on what day, since in some cases, my memory is bad, but in others, it’s amazing, so it’s just in case this is a bad time for my memory.  Don’t worry, from here on out, I can go in order.  Back to the topic of the Padres.  That was way too much off topic.  Look, here I go again talking about what I did wrong.  So, the Padres may have to walk away saying they have no chance, but I disagree.  They have a chance to get 90 wins, for heavens sake.  I don’t really have much of an idea of how they’ll do, but I’ve said what my strongest opinion is.  So they’ll be better than I thought they would be after trading Chase Headley to the Yankees, which was to stink, but they won’t go that far from it.

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