In Detail: Houston Astros

This is my 3rd post in my MLB In Detail post series this April.  The Astros are beginning to rebuild, but are still going to be pretty bad.  However, the only direction the Astros really can go right now is a little higher up.  With the additions of Colby Rasmus and Evan Gattis, can Houston reach 70 wins for the first time in years?  That’s what I’ll try to answer today.  Well, the Astros might not have the best options,but they have strengths.  First, even if the players aren’t that good, they have somebody who’s at least decent at most positions.  The rotation and the ullpen definitely both need work done.  There’s an open spot for a third outfielder.  However, the Astros have two good catchers, Jason Castro and Evan Gattis.  Maybe Gattis can join Wil Myers in the category of former catchers who moved to the outfield.  That will fill all the holes in the lineup for sure.  But the pitching staff needs serious work done, especially having starters Brad Peacock and Brett Oberholtzer both on the 15 day disabled list.  They did get Pat Neshek for the bullpen though, and teh rotation’s not bad when it’s healthy.  So, don’t think the Astros have nobody good at all, and don’t think they’ll never be above .500 again.  The Astros are slowly coming back into the list of elite MLB teams.  My prediction for the Astros this year is 5th place in the AL West, going 70-92, being ranked 28th overall.  The Astros wll be a team to keep your eye on this year and in coming years.

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