In Detail:Detroit Lions

This is my 6th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. The Lions have a monster offense, but no defense.This season’s Lions games scoring should be really high. Eric Ebron, Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush and Matthew Stafford are all ready to roll. My prediction for the Lions is to be 4th in the NFC North with a 6-10 record ranked 27 overall. They also have added on Golden Tate, a former Seahawk
and super bowl champion. He should create an exciting year for the Lions offense, but this team is going nowhere until the defense improves. They have five major offensive weapons, but zero on defense. Yes. Zip,Zilch and Zorch, zero. My brother’s fantasy team depends on the Lions result, but he won’t go anywhere until he has an elite defense that does not belong to the Lions or Cowboys.

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