In Detail:Tennessee Titans

This is suprisingly,my 7th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. After the loss of Chris Johnson, the Titans are left with no offense, no defense and no special teams, or close to it. That’s not exactly true. Quarterback Jake Locker and Wide Reciever Justin Hunter should be a dynamic duo. Will the Titans be amazing this season though? No. My prediction for the Tennessee team is to be tied for 2nd in the AFC South, going 7-9 on the season being ranked 26 overall. The Titans have only won one championship and only has been over .500 for one season in the last five, going 9-7 in 2011. Are the Titans as good as the Texans? Maybe they were but right now,no. The Texans have Fitzpatrick, Johnson, Foster, Clowney and Watt to help them. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a former Titan though, but he started for the Bills much longer, and may be one of the longest lasting quarterbacks that are still active. I don’t even see how they can have even one year over .500 in the next five with this roster. After this season being 7-9, they’ll trend down to eventually be in the 32nd position which some people say they already are in. Eventually they should get enough good draft picks to get good again in the next five years after these ones. Hopefully from 2019-2024 they’ll be over .500 four of five years. They have a long way to go first though.So there you have it. The Titans will fall downward this season.

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