In Detail:Houston Texans

This is my 9th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. The Texans had a 2 game winning streak, then blew it with a 14 game losing streak last season. That’s the second longest losing streak I’ve seen behind the 2008 Lions 0-16 season with a 16 game losing streak. It’s also the third longest streak I’ve seen, also behind the 2007 Patriots undefeated season, 16-0 with a 16 game streak. But don’t depend on good records to win the super bowl. In baseball, the average world series champion has the 5th best record or 5th in the week 23 power rankings. This year will be so different for the Texans, other than the fact that they’ll kick off the season with a winning streak. Adding Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jadeveon Clowney to the team could make them a soon to be playoff contender. For now, I predict the Texans to be tied for 2nd in the AFC South with a 7-9 record being ranked 24 overall. JJ Watt, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster along with their new additions will boost the Texans. Some say Ryan Fitzpatrick will be in Houston for a while, I think he’ll play three years, then he’ll go to Kansas City who has no good quarterbacks other than Alex Smith who’s not that good and will become a backup. Ryan Mallett will never start, so Tom Savage should be ready to start by then after three years of experience. The Texans will have a much improved season this year because of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jadeveon Clowney.

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