In Detail:Minnesota Vikings

This is my 8th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. The Vikings got Teddy Bridgewater in the draft and Adrian Peterson is healthy again. If them and Kyle Rudolph and Matt Cassel all have a great season, that’s the only way the Vikings will make the playoffs. They’re a what if team this year that reminds me of the 2013 world series champion Red Sox.
I think Matt Cassel will be OK, Teddy Bridgewater won’t be bad, Adrain Peterson will blow running back records playing amazingly and having a record breaking season in 2014 and Kyle Rudolph will have a good season too. My Vikings prediction in 2014 is that they’ll be 3rd in the NFC North with a 6-10 record
and being ranked 25 overall. Now that Adrain Peterson is back and healthy, the Vikings should have a better but not nessicarily a good season.

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