Fantasy Week 1 Power Rankings

(updated from CBS Sports)

1.Max-The auto pilot did best with LeSean McCoy leading his team
2.Team Kelleher-Just one auto pilot pick along with 15 decisions makes them the two slot

3.Daniel-Amazing wide Recievers will boost his team

4.Green Eggs and Graham-As commissioner he was able to get one of the best teams including star tight end Jimmy Graham who’s almost like a wide Reciever the way he is.

5.James-a Suprise team was the draft result yesterday

6.Joe & Larry-although they picked Stephen Gostkowski way too early,they picked up a decent team

7.Ryan Jennings-A first and last pick made a difficult draft path for this team

8.Andrew’s Hunters-they mcould old picks but they should change their bench.They have a strong lineup that will be their only boost

9.Justin & Hai-They made really quick picks but they should’ve taken a little more time to think

10.Krazy Kens-Having the last pick and round one made it difficult for this team’s draft path

11.Ryan’s Lions-Got good suggestions from friends and made good picks,but owns too many Lions,especially should get rid of the worthless Lions defense and go for Lions offense instead

12.Josh-this team made good picks but the computer thinks otherwise

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