Slumping Red Sox Lose Ninth In A Row

When you talk about the 2012 Red Sox season,it always means trouble.They were up 5-0,losing eight is 2012 bad but there had been worse years and a win would make them slump busters.Two wins in your last ten is better than one.But they fell apart and lost 6-5 in 15 innings.Losing when you’re up 5-0 just doesn’t happen it’s really bad.They have lost nine in a row and are 1-9 in their last ten.That just doesn’t happen either,winning only one of every ten and losing nine in a row.The Sox haven’t lost 9 in a row since 2001,before the Bambino curse was broken.This isn’t 2012 bad,this is 86 year world series drought bad.Could another drought begin,will the Sox have a 2012 like season and be back to normal next year,or will they pull it off and make one of the greatest comebacks ever this year?

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