NBA Draft Lottery Top 3 & Celtics

Are you surprised that the CAVS are so high?The Bucks and Sixers both were teams that deserved the pick that made the Top 3,but the Cavs?It should be the Celtics,Jazz or maybe even the Pistons deserved that 3rd top 3 spot and if the Cavs even deserved top 3,it was third.
Guess their candidate’s good luck charms didn’t work completely but it at least got them Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins for their pick.
This team used to be a great team but they need a rebuild and a top 3 pick should really help this team if it gets some other good picks and free agents.
The Celtics have 18 championships and this is how they do in the 2013-14 season and draft lottery,this team could be stranded like this forever or at least for a while longer.

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