NFL Draft Aftermath

Yesterday I watched part of the NFL draft and here are the highlights.Jadeveon Clowney got the No.1 overall pick with my predicted first pick of Blake Bortles was picked for Jacksonville third.Johnny Manziel is a Brown but didn’t get picked till Cleveland’s 2nd 1st round pick.As planned,Jake Matthews ended up with the Falcons but what happened to Sammy Watkins being a Raider?He’s also on Cleveland while Oakland picks Khalil Mack.Tom Savage was the first Chicago pick and he will likely be the new Bears quarterback.The Patriots git first round pick No.29 and chose Dominque Easley.My mock draft that wasn’t posted yet said Greg Robinson being a Titan but he was a Rams first pick an No.2 overall.Want to see my Top 5? Here they are.
1.Blake Bortles HOU
2.Tom Savage STL
3.Teddy Bridgewater JAX
4.Johnny Manziel CLE
5.Sammy Watkins OAK

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