NFL In Detail 2.0: Minnesota Vikings

I know, you probably think the Vikings are better than this but besides AP and maybe Mike Wallace, what’s so different this year than in 2014?

Fantasy Outlook and Training Camp Battles


They did bring in Shaun Hill in the off season, but he’s a backup to second year probable stud Teddy Bridgewater.  Bridgewater is by far the best second year QB, followed by Derek Carr of Oakland, Blake Bortles of Jacksonville and Johnny Manziel of Cleveland.


Adrian Peterson should have a bounce back year after he was suspended for 15 games of the 2014 season.  He should be a top 5 or top 10 maybe running back again in 2015.  When Peterson last played the full year in 2012, he dominated.  After 2013 injuries, and 2014 suspensions, can he rebound to finally meet his expectations?  If not, they’ll have to resort to Matt Asiata, using Jerick McKinnon and Joe Banyard as backups.


Everybody thinks Charles Johnson and Jarius Wright will keep things up, but I think that the playoffs of the 2014 fantasy season were kind of a fluke.  One, Mike Wallace is a clear lock for the starting position.  Two, give third year man Cordarrelle Patterson another chance by placing him in the #2 slot.  Three, lower Charles Johnson in your tiers, make sure he is at least two tiers below Patterson.


Kyle Rudolph should probably be the starter.  Remember his break out in 2013 after Adrian Peterson got carted off the field?  Well, Rudolph can be that way this year, after a rough 2014.  I think he can rebound late in the year.  Meanwhile, former Packer and teammate of Greg Jennings, (signed by Miami in off season while they signed Miami’s Wallace, although signings ate not related), Brandon Bostick.  So, the Vikings look good at tight end for 2015, signing one, keeping another.


Not many big names make up the D, but Anthony Barr, drafted top 10 in 2014, is one of my breakout player picks.  Randomly chosen, but Barr was good in college, if he’s ready for pro-ball, which in a year, he should, he’ll be just as good or almost as good here.

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