My All Star Picks: AL

Well, there are plenty of guys in the AL who have done well, even though the NL is taking some of the good starters. Sonny Gray will have to represent the Athletics as they have a lousy lineup. Although he has a stomach flu, he started the season with an ERA under 2.00 and kept it until June. It now hovers at about 2.05. King Felix hasn’t been dominant, but will take a spot. Chris Archer is in his prime years as well and he deserves a spot. David Price should also get a spot. I have Dallas Keuchel as a fifth guy, and sleeper. He’s an out breaker going 10-3 with the AL for the first year. Ervin Santana is out of it because he just returned from an 80 game season starting suspension, and Chris Sale is below his s expectations. So my final list is
1. Sonny Gray OAK

2. Felix Hernandez SEA

3. Chris Archer TB

4. David Price DET

5. Dallas Keuchel HOU
Darren O’Day should definitely earn one spot as a reliever. His sidearm form is one of my favorites by a pitcher. Glen Perkins earns the second spot. He has 23 saves, the most in the AL, and closed last year at Target Field. The final spot is a tough one, but I’d say Sean Doolittle as a sleeper. He is underestimated by fans, and I think it’s time he shows the world what he can do.  
My List

1. Darren O’ Day BAL

2. Glen Perkins MIN

3. Sean Doolittle OAK


My Vote Was: Russell Martin TOR

It Was: Salvador Perez KC

If anyone reserves at catcher, it should be Russell Martin. Martin got the second most votes of all stars and unlike most catchers, bats second, and he can hit too. It’s not his defense, but also his hitting. Rookie Stephen Vogt has also shocked everyone, but I’m not a big fan of Vogt. A third candidate is Kurt Suzuki, who took over as starter for Joe Mauer, now at first base.  
First Base

My Vote: Miguel Cabrera DET

Actual: Miguel Cabrera DET 
Cabrera’s Reserve
I believe Rangers Prince Fielder will take over for Miggy. He has an average over .350 and occasionally also plays DH, but was categorized as first base in the voting. Eric Hosmer of Kansas City is also a candidate, but I think he might be a better reserve.  
As I said earlier, Hosmer and Fielder. Albert Pujols is another candidate as he joins the 500 HR club this year. Jose Abreu isn’t as dominant as last year, so I don’t think he can. Mark Teixeira also is a home run champ after struggling for years following an injury.  
Second Base

My Vote: Jason Kipnis CLE

Actual Starter: Jose Altuve HOU
Dustin Pedroia would be a choice if he wasn’t hurt, leaving room for guys like Jason Kipnis. Ian Kinsler is also a sleeper pick of mine. Why else would the Tigers trade Prince Fielder for him, if he’s not good. Kipnis has put up the better stats though. And with the Royal overload, I don’t think Omar Infante should be mentioned. Slugger Brian Dozier is a third option after the derby last year and Robinson Cano was never even thought of, he’s a candidate too.  
My Pick: Jose Reyes TOR

Actual: Alcides Escobar KC
OK, Reyes would overload the roster with Jays guys, so I would say Asdrubal Cabrera is first choice, a sleeper. He’s been helpful in replacing Ben Zobrist and is a good slugging partner for Evan Longoria. Xander Bogaerts is another candidate, and they need a Red Sox representative. I also like Elvis Andrus as a second Rangers guy. Their lineup, including Andrus is dominant. 
Third Base
My Vote: Mike Moustakas KC

Actual: Josh Donaldson TOR

I definitely think Mike Moustakas can still make the roster even with Royals overload. Evan Longoria, Rays star is another option for the roster. Manny Machado of Baltimore is another legit candidate. And there may be room for Adrian Beltre of Texas, former Red Sox player. David Freese of the Angels is also a candidate, but not all star worthy. I even think Kyle Seager is an option. Third base is tight as even Pablo Sandoval of Boston has been hot.  
Designated Hitter
My Vote: Nelson Cruz SEA

Actual: Nelson Cruz SEA
Kendrys Morales is good, but out of the picture. I think David Ortiz definitely has a chance, in what might be his last year. Edwin Encarnacion is a second AL East candidate, but I think Alex Rodriguez has the biggest shot, retiring strong from a steroid suspension and proving he has power without steroids. Victor Martinez of Detroit, an ex-Sox catcher and first baseman is a fifth option. Evan Gattis of Houston is even pretty good. Even Billy Butler’s OK.  

My Votes: Mike Trout LAA, Michael Brantley, CLE, Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY

Actual: Mike Trout, LAA, Alex Gordon, KC, Lorenzo Cain, KC
Jose Bautista is a clear candidate for the outfield, and Hanley Ramirez is a Red Sox sleeper. Adam Jones should get a spot though. Ramirez, Yoenis Cespedes, Alex Rios, Melky Cabrera, Shin-Soo Choo, Josh Hamilton, Ben Zobrist, Colby Rasmus and even Austin Jackson are candidates that could take second, third, even fourth spots.
Final Roster
Name. Position Team Representative? Starter? 

 Jose Altuve. 2B. HOU. Yes. Yes

 Elvis Andrus. SS. TEX. No. No

 Chris Archer. SP. TB. Yes. No

 Jose Bautista. OF. TOR. No. No

 Adrian Beltre. 3B. TEX. No. No

 Xander Bogaerts. SS. BOS. Yes. No

 Asdrubal Cabrera. SS. TB. No. No

 Lorenzo Cain. OF. KC. No. Yes

 Yoenis Cespedes. OF. DET. No. No

 Nelson Cruz. DH. SEA. Yes Yes

 Josh Donaldson. 3B. TOR. Yes. Yes

 Sean Doolittle. RP. OAK. No. No

 Edwin Encarnacion. DH. TOR. No. No

 Alcides Escobar. SS. KC. Yes. Yes

 Prince Fielder. 1B. TEX. Yes. Yes

 Alex Gordon. OF. KC. No. Yes

 Sonny Gray. SP. OAK. Yes. Yes

 Felix Hernandez. SP. SEA. No. No

 Eric Hosmer. 1B. KC. No. No

 Adam Jones. OF. BAL. No. No

 Dallas Keuchel. SP. HOU. No. No

 Jason Kipnis. 2B. CLE. Yes. No

 Manny Machado. 3B. BAL. No. No

 Russell Martin. C. TOR. No. No

 Victor Martinez. DH. DET. No. No

 Mike Moustakas. 3B. KC. No. No

 Darren O’ Day. RP. BAL. Yes. No

 Salvador Perez. C. KC. No. Yes

 Glen Perkins. CL. MIN. Yes. No

 David Price. SP. DET. Yes. No

 Colby Rasmus. OF. HOU. No. No

 Alex Rodriguez. DH. NYY. Yes. No

 Kurt Suzuki. C. MIN. No. No

 Mark Teixeira. 1B. NYY. No. No

 Mike Trout. OF. LAA. Yes. Yes

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