In Detail: New York Mets

This is my 15th post in my MLB In Detail post series this April.  The Mets have improved greatly from past years and are due for a better season.  In the off season, they acquired Michael Cuddyer from the Rockies and John Mayberry Jr. from the desperate Phillies.  They also will have Matt Harvey healthy and active this year, which will be a great help.  They’ve also added Bartolo Colon from the Oakland Athletics to help the starting rotation.  In the infield, they have Lucas Duda, Daniel Murphy and Wilmer Flores.  Other than that, they don’t have anybody too good.  There’s four positions in the infield.  On;y three guys that are actually good play.  There’s a hole at third base.  Wait, what happened to David Wright?  He got injured.  Yet again on this team, injuries is a deciding factor.  Travis d’Arnaud, the catcher, is also on the 15 day disabled list.  The injuries make position holes, which lower records.  This will make the Mets decent rather than good.  Putting injuries aside, the Mets outfield has no holes, but no backups either.  They don’t have any backups on the disabled list or in rehab either.  They do have Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer, and John Mayberry Jr. to fill the outfield but what if one of them gets injured.  So, the Mets are going to be okay, but with injuries being a factor, they won’t be too good.  My prediction for the Mets is that the Mets are going to come in 2nd place in the NL East, finishing with an 84-78 record, being ranked 16th overall.  The Mets will be a good team, but not good enough if the injuries continue.

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