Gostkowski Perfect, Pats Perfect

Stephen Gostkowski was going for a 54 yard field goal.  He was perfect on the season.  It was 26-24 Giants.  Gostkowski attempted the kick and the Giants called a timeout.  He tried again, and it just barely made it!!!!!!!  Stephen Gostkowski’s field goal had been affected by the wind, but it just made it!!!!!  Gostkowski did a squib kick, and then the Giants started running with it, then the guy passed.  The Giants continued to toss it around until, OBJ got tackled.  It was over.  The Pats had won.

The Pats just edged the Giants in a 27-26 back and forth game.  Well, how did it get there?  Lets start back from the beginning.  The Patriots had a long winded drive, which led up to a Scott Chandler touchdown.  Then, the Giants took immediate action and Odell Beckham Jr. went 87 yards for a touchdown!!!!  Longest play of his career!!!!  Amazing play, OBJ!!!  There weren’t any more major plays soon after that.  Then Stephen Gostkowski kicked a field goal.  10-7 Pats.  But Edelman looked hurt.  He limped off the field with a left foot injury.  He would not return for the rest of the game.  Matthew Slater already got hurt on a punt.

A couple drives later, just after Justin Coleman had given up big yardage to a Giants sleep receiver, White, he recovered an Eli Manning fumble.  With about 5 minutes to go, Josh Brown kicked a field goal to tie the game.  Eli Manning had a couple big 31 yard passes to Rueben Randle and Will Tye, getting them into the red zone where they went to Dwayne Harris for the 1 yard TD.  17-10 Giants at the half.  The Giants were schooling the Patriots.  First by deferring, second by their scoring strategy based on deferring.  Then in the 2nd half, the Giants kept it up in a penalty filled drive by kicking field goal.  20-10 Giants.  HEY Tom Coughlin, that’s our strategy!!!

Then, the next time the Giants had the ball, Brad Wing had to punt it away, and Amendola looked like he was going all the way, nearly untouched, until he reached the 7 yard line, where he was tripped by Duron Harmon and Patrick Chung, his own teammates!!!  Then Blount Force Trauma took the rest by scoring the touchdown.  20-17.  But the Giants followed with a good drive, but penalties held them back to a long field goal.  One stupid Pats penalty though, put the Giants into field goal range in the first place.  Now it was 23-17 Giants.

Brady fumbled on the next drive to add to his struggles.  But Rob Ninkovich returned the favor by sacking Eli Manning.  Then, after the punt, the next drive was great.  They started at the 14, ran a couple plays, then Brady went long.  Rob Gronkowski kept going with it and soon he was untouched.  Rob Gronkowski was added to the list of longest career play.  76.  Yard.  Touchdown.  GRONKINATOR!!!!!!  24-23 Pats!!!

the 4th quarter continued on.  Later in the 2nd half, things got pathetic.  Brandon LaFell caught a 54 yard pass, then Brandon Bolden scored the touchdown.  But because of a penalty on the Pats, it got overturned.  Then Brady got intercepted by McBride.  After a slow next 3 minutes, Josh Brown kicked another field goal.  Then on the next drive, the Pats only had a couple minutes left, and they raced into field goal range quickly, where Gostkowski did his thing, and we won.  The Pats now have scored in guess how many straight quarters?  35!!!   All but the first quarter of the season.  They broke the record today.

Next week, the Pats face Buffalo on Monday Night.  We just have to pray for Edelman to play next week, let alone return this year.  Otherwise, our undefeated hopes, even at 9-0 and SB 50 hopes go down.  But for now, “We’re on to Buffalo.”

Star Of The Game

I was not able to choose a star this week.  I felt that everyone contributed enough for us to win, but nobody was especially good, even Blount.  Also, check out my upcoming replacing Lewis article.

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