NFL Week 5 Picks

Before last week I was almost below .500 picking games.  But last week was an amazing week for me, and now I can compare to some of the CBS Sports and ESPN experts.  My predictions are turning around.  Here’s my comparison to some of the best guys out there.

I'm beginning to get as good as some NFL insiders and experts.
I’m beginning to get as good as some NFL insiders and experts.

Now let’s hope this week does the same.  The weekly record to beat is 11-4.  Now, on with my picks for this week.

Lock Of The Week

Broncos, 38, Raiders, 28

It will be no surprise when the Broncos dominate the Raiders.
It will be no surprise when the Broncos dominate the Raiders.

Expect the Broncos to blow out the Raiders again.  Although Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and crew are evolving and may be tough for the Denver defense to hold up, I believe on Peyton Manning’s watch the Raiders defense will be sent packing.  At first, the Raiders will be tough to get past, but the more incomplete touchdown attempts the Broncos have, the more tired the Oakland stars will become, and eventually, they’ll lose.  By the second half, the strong Denver offense will have put enough effort into scoring that eventually they will outsmart the Raiders defense and yes, score.  So by the 2nd half Manning will send the Raiders D packing.

But for the Denver defense, it may be tough.  The Raiders can use the same strategy on them with their evolving players but once they do so, it will be tough for the weakling Raiders to motivate to score.  That gives the Broncos the edge in this lock match-up.  The Raiders are improving but still not enough to overcome the 4-0 Broncos, even at home.  The Broncos should have a ten to thirteen point edge by the fourth quarter but it will be close early on.

Notable Locks: Packers over Rams, Ravens over Browns, Chiefs over Bears, Eagles over Saints

Upset Of The Week

Lions, 34, Cardinals, 16

The winless Lions will shock Arizona for their first victory.
The winless Lions will shock Arizona for their first victory.

The Lions will double the scoring of Arizona in this huge upset.  The Cardinals defense is overrated while the Lions D is underrated.  The Lions and Matthew Stafford will use reliable passing weapons Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate to quickly zoom down the field.   Patrick Peterson can’t cover both Johnson and Tate and Arizona’s 2nd best corner will be torched.  It will be tougher for running backs Joique Bell and Ameer Abdullah with LaMarr Woodley and Sean Weatherspoon on the field.

As for the Cardinals they will score some but the Lions defense is much more balanced between the rush and pass.  So Arizona will be limited in the end zone.  Don’t expect much from Arizona.  This upset is more like a lock, but according to SportsLine betting lines, Arizona’s apparently 6.5 point favorites.  I’m trying to prove them wrong.  The Lions will win.  It’s one of my bold predictions for this week.

Other Games

Patriots, 30, Cowboys, 20

Bills, 28, Titans, 26

Chargers, 28, Steelers, 21

Bengals, 31, Seahawks, 21

Ravens, 30, Browns, 14

Colts, 28, Texans, 20

Buccaneers, 24, Jaguars, 21

Chiefs, 35, Bears, 31

Eagles, 41, Saints, 30

Giants, 41, 49ers, 23

Falcons, 37, Redskins, 20

Packers, 38, Rams, 34

Team Of The Week

  1. This team has had two, soon 3 HOF quarterbacks and an all time great coach in its past.
  2. This team lost a big name player for the season in training camp.
  3. This team has played in many cold weather games.
  4. One of the team’s colors is green.
  5. This team was champ of the first Super Bowl.

What team is this?  Guess in comments.

Last Week: Eagles

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