Who’s Really America’s Team? Pats vs Cowboys Preview

The New England Patriots take on what is currently known as America’ Team today at 4:25.  The Dallas Cowboys.  Personally, I think New England should be America’s Team.  First, they’re the Patriots, and Patriots led us to independence as a country.  Second, they just won the super bowl.  And third, right now is the best time ever to be a Patriots fan.  The best player ever in my opinion, Tom Brady, along with award winning coach, Bill “The Hooded One” Belichick.  The Brady-Belichick era won’t last forever.

Well, I declare this game the championship to be America’s Team.  The winner becomes America’s Team.  The losing team loses any rights to be America’s Team.  We better root hard for those Pats, or else.  Besides, it shouldn’t be too hard.  First, we’re 9 point favorites.  That is a clear lock.  Second, every expert on ESPN picked our Patriots.  ESPN is typically pretty accurate in pick ’em.  Third, the Cowboys have so many injuries.  Quarterback Tony Romo broke his collar bone!  Star receiver Dez Bryant is out until at least after the bye. Passing back Lance Dunbar is on injured reserve for the season.  This injury issue is pathetic.

Yup. This is how bad it's gotten.  The injury bug hit Dallas extremely hard.
Yup. This is how bad it’s gotten. The injury bug hit Dallas extremely hard.

At the beginning of the season, I thought this would be one of the three games that the Patriots lost, along with the Colts and the Broncos.  Now, they could go 15-1, the loss being just against almighty Denver.  I predicted that before Romo.  And Bryant.  And Dunbar.  Now, it looks like the Patriots are in position to win.  Brady isn’t suspended, and the only Cowboys guys that could still actually be legitimate and have great games are Jason Witten, Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden.  Nobody else.

The defense is relatively healthy and could be a tough one, but the secondary isn’t at its best without Orlando Scandrick.  But they still have Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr and Barry Church.  It’s Greg Hardy and Sean Lee that are the real issue.  Hardy was signed from the Panthers in free agency, and was suspended four games for supposedly beating his wife.  Before Brady got let off clean, there was clearly something wrong.

Now let’s talk Pats. Remember how I said that Randle and McFadden are two of the only three important offensive figures left?  Well, I guess the Patriots defense is built for the Cowboys.  They have defensive ends Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich, plus a trio of great linebackers led by Jerod Mayo, and followed by Jamie Collins and Dont’ A Hightower.   And star safety McCourty can take Witten.  There.  All the Cowboys important offense is covered, making it difficult for them to score.

The Cowboys D isn’t built for the Pats big blurb of recievers and tight ends, (Edelman, Amendola, Gronk, Chandler).  One will always be let off the hook as only three star secondary players will cover them.  Meanwhile, Lee, Lawrence, Hardy and McClain are left for just Blount Force Trauma or Dion Lewis.  Now, let’s talk about game-time injuries.

Injury Report



DT Trey Flowers (Knee, Limited Practice) – Flowers has had plenty of time to recover, but still might need a week or two.  I’d expect him to sit one more.


CB Tarell Brown (Foot, Full Practice) – Brown was limited earlier this week, but is back to full practice.  I think he’ll play, but he still could be a game-time decision.

OG Ryan Wendell (Illness, Full Practice) – Looks like Wendell is ready to come back, but surprise out rulings make me worried.



WR Dez Bryant (Foot, Did Not Practice) – Still needs like four more weeks to heal

WR Brice Butler (Hamstring, Did Not Practice) – Could miss a week or two, hamstring injuries are never good

DE Randy Gregory (Ankle, Did Not Practice) – The rookie may get held back by injuries and not get much of a shot


TE James Hanna (Ankle, Did Not Practice) – I doubt he’ll play after missing like three weeks with this ankle issue


LB Andrew Gackhar (Foot, Full Practice) – Likely will play, looking fine

LB Sean Lee (Concussion, Full Practice) – Concussions are tough, but being probable rather than questionable or doubtful is a sign this may not be a biggy

DE Ryan Russell (Groin, Full Practice) – Should also be good for Sunday, almost as likely as Gackhar to play

So, enjoy the game, and you better root for those Pats.  Read my recap coming shortly after the game ends.

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