10 Bold Predictions: Week 4

1. Eric Decker will be a top 10 receiver this week

After returning from injury, Decker will be umped up.  The Dolphins secondary is slowing down, and bot Marshall and Decker will have big games.  I think he can make the top 10 behind Thomas, Cobb, Green, Hilton, Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, OBJ, Fitzgerald and Sanders.  Brandon Mrashall has Brent Grimes on him, and he already had a good week last week.  It’s Eric Decker’s turn.  Expect about 90 yards and 2 touchdowns, making for 21 points.  Decker is a big sleeper for this game from London.

2. Both Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu will score, while no Bengals RB gets a touchdown

Jones and Sanu are trending up, and all Bengals receivers and tight ends will be involved this Sunday.  This trio, (Green, Jones, Sanu) could be a cheap, but useful start in DFS.  I think since the Chiefs have three star linebackers (Houston, Hali, Johnson) and no great corners, this could be very tough for Jeremy Hill and Givani Bernard to score, while Dalton focuses on passes to Green, Jones, Eifert, etc.  I started Dalton, Green and Eifert in FanDuel this week.  This should be an easy match-up, for the receivers, especially since Eifert still has Eric Berry to worrry about.

3. Despite the Falcons comeback, DeAndre Hopkins scores 2 TDs

The Falcons secondary is not good.  It never has been, and it will not be for a long time.  Ryan Mallett can easily throw the rock to lead receiver DeAndre Hopkins.  Him and rookie Jaelen Strong I think can score a combined 3 touchdowns against this secondary.  I do still think the Falcons will take it by a nose and go 4-0, but the match-up says otherwise.  Expect an early lead for Houston, while Atlanta catches up fast in the second half and goes on to win.  In the 1st half, exoect lots of passing touchdowns and field goals when Houston tries rushing it against a rush defense filled with Jonathan Babineaux and Vic Beasley.  Houston will go heavy passing, causing fave target DeAndre Hopkins to have a monster first half, while his yardage can’t cut top 10 as they advance to the 2nd half.

4. Adrian Peterson will not score

AP is facing a world-class rush defense as the Vikings travel to Denver.  He’ll never be able to beat out the greats.  Isn’t DeMarcus Ware, Von Miller and Brandon Marshall, (the linebacker), enough to stop AP?  In my opinion it is.  But that’s just my opinion.  This is easy to predict, from my perspective.  I might even sit Peterson in fantasy and wait till they play an easier rush defense.  Yeah, the Vikings are in big trouble when they find out their star running back can’t score when game time comes.

5. Alshon Jeffery gets benched and Eddie Royal scores

If Jeffery is out again in week 4, the Bears must rely on their other healthy receivers, Eddie Royal and Marquess Wilson.  Royal did okay when he was in the spotlight on a Denver style offense.  John Fox is even the new coach.  With Jimmy Clausen at quarterback, I’d just expect an overall different approach in this situation after what he’s learned from going 0-3.  The Bears do kind of suck, but this is a must win game.  Charles Woodson be on tight end Martellus Bennett, giving Royal a wide opportunity to score.

6. The Eagles-Redskins game will happen in Week 8

This is totally unrelated to the game itself, but I know weather too.  Hurricane Joaquin is hitting the east coast, and pretty far inland too. D.C. is on the coast, so the game might be postponed to Week 8.  It looks like Joaquin is going to remain at least a category 3 or 2 as it hits this section of the coast.  The rain will be heavy enough to begin flooding the field, maybe even shut FeDex Field’s power down.  This game can’t move to Philly, because the hurricane is hitting there next.  So, the best solution is to wait until Week 8, when both teams currently have a bye.  Move that bye to when the hurricane passes by.  It’s already pretty good timing for the Pats in New England, if they have the same bye on the current schedule, why not make it the same way for these teams.  We all know Joaquin is coming.

7. The Bucs will get shutout

The Buccaneers are in a very hasty position.  Their kicker sucks and their offense is nothing against a strong Panthers D.  If anything, happens, it’ll be a touchdown pass to Mike Evans.  Otheriwse?  NO.  SCORING.  WHAT.  SO.  EVER.  What a lock.  Nothing else to say.  The Panthers rush defense is unstoppable, between Kuechly, and Thomas Davis, and A.J. Klein, and Charles Johnson.  Even the pass defense has something out of Roman Harper.  And Tampa’s ot of luck at tght end, and their receivers will be watched.  Very risky move starting anyone Bucs, even semi-star reciever Mike Evans.

8. Larry Fitzgerald will have a monster game

The Rams defense is extremely rush based.  It will be easy for Carson Palmer to march down the field, passing to John Brown and LARRY FITZGERALD.  Both, plus Michael Floyd will have great games, while Fitzgerald’s will be on of the highlights of the week.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s top 5.  Expect multiple TDs, (2 to 3), and 100+ yards.  This is a great match-up for Cardinals receivers, and they should easily defeat the St. Louis Rams.  The Rams D is not built for St. Louis, but the Cards defense is built for St. Lou.

9. No Lions receiver will score

Look, the Seahawks defense is UNSTOPPABLE.  Megatron and Golden Tate will be heavily guarded by the best of the Seattle secondary.  This is a moot discussion.  The defense is so great, even Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady would panic  against it.  It’s especially fiesty when playing at CenturyLink Field.  The Lions will run for it when they find out their going to Seattle this week.

10. Despite the loss, Cowboys running backs will combine for 3 touchdowns

After DeMarco Murray left, the Cowboys were panicking at running back.  The combination of Darren McFadden, Joseph Randle in his new state and Christine Michael is more than Murray right now, especially the way he’s playing and how he’s  still only questionable for Sunday.  The Saints defense can only contain some of that damage.  Randle, McFadden maybe even Michael or Dunbar, will score.  These aren’t very bad running backs.  You know your rushing team is good when Darren McFadden is your RB2.  Not your starter, your RB2.  The point is, if you have McFadden and someone better than him all on your team, it’s great.  You only need one plus some other Cowboys rising RBs for dominance.  This is absolute dominance, especially against weak rush defenses, which unfortunately, New Orleans isn’t.  Weak or not weak D, they’ll have a game to remember.

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