NFL Week 4 Picks

NFL Week 4 Picks

Week 4 brings a different attitude and look at the games from me. There are byes, I picked most 3-0 surprisers to win, and I’m beginning to catch up to what appeared to be craziness at the start of the season. Turns out the season is actually going more like my predictions than the experts, even if I’m off on a few things, including the final winners.

Lock Of The Week

Colts, 33, Jaguars, 21

Andrew Luck and the Colts will dominate the Jags again
Andrew Luck and the Colts will dominate the Jags again.

This isn’t much of a score difference, but it’s still a must-win trap game for Indy. Well, the Colts might struggle on defense, but the Jags don’t have enough offense or defense to beat out the Colts. Andrew Luck just has so many weapons. T.Y. Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief, Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener, who will all at least come close to touchdowns. My pick is that three of them score touchdowns, and no running back will score one. So expect lots of offense from Andrew Luck and crew. Not to mention Adam Vinatieri vs. the semi-weak Jaguars special teams. Vinatieri can expect three to four, if not FIVE field goals.

The Jaguars have something in the tank on offense, even if their defense and special teams stinks. But it shouldn’t be enough to beat the Colts, even though the Colts defense isn’t great either. Let’s get into the details. They may not make a move rushing, with D’Qwell Jackson and Robert Mathis guarding. But there’s a chance for Allen Hurns, Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, Marcedes Lewis and Clay Harbor to score. Again, three will score. The offense is built very similarly to the Colts. But newbie Jason Myers isn’t nearly enough to match up with Adam Vinatieri, which gives the Colts the extra credit. The Colts should somewhat easily slip out of this one.

Lock Notables: Eagles over Redskins, Packers over 49ers, Panthers over Buccaneers

Upset Of The Week

Steelers, 27, Ravens, 13

This is a huge upset, factoring in the fact that I think this will have a bigger difference than my lock. Michael Vick may not match up to Ben Roethlisberger, but he’s still at least almost as good as Joe Flacco, and he is with home field advantages. Running backs Le’ Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams, receiver Antonio Brown and tight end Heath Miller will make up for it. Expect lots of catches, rushes and scoring.

On the other side, the Ravens just suddenly seem like their lacking weapons. Going 0-3 was no fluke in Baltimore. The Ravens may be one of those surprise bad teams, maybe even worse than Browns, who I predicted for last in the division. Even if the Ravens have a couple surprise sleepers that could score, the Steelers defense is improving and they should be able to stop them. There’s just not much to say. They’re lacking weapons, and lacking weapons leads to lacking points which leads to LOSING. All of the sudden I think the Ravens are beginning to suck. I’m seeing this team in a different way. Well, taking it one week at a time, I simply think they don’t have the power to win tonight.

The Steelers defense will pounce on Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense.
The Steelers defense will pounce on Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense.

Upset Notables: Bears over Raiders

Other Games
Jets, 26, Dolphins, 17
Bills, 21, Giants, 17
Bengals, 33, Chiefs, 20
Chargers, 28, Browns, 21
Falcons, 34, Texans, 33
Broncos, 41, Vikings, 23
Bears, 30, Raiders, 26
Eagles, 37, Redskins, 14
Saints, 31, Cowboys, 27
Packers, 40, 49ers, 20
Seahawks, 26, Lions, 19
Panthers, 27, Buccaneers, 24
Cardinals, 24, Rams, 20

Team Of The Week

1. This team has had the same record for two years straight.
2. This team has been in the top two of their division during that time.
3. This team had two semi-star players with two capital letters in their first name on their 2013 offense.
4. This team is located east of Chicago.
5. This team’s city was famous in the colonial times.

What team is this? Guess in comments

Last Week: Rams

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