In Detail: Philadelphia Phillies

This is my 6th post in my MLB In Detail post series this April.  The Phillies are beginning to seriously fall apart.  Chase Utley is still good, but after losing Jimmy Rollins and John Mayberry Jr., plus the injured Cliff Lee and Domonic Brown, who else is still elite?  Well, Grady Sizemore went from being a Red Sox dud to a decent outfielder who apparently doesn’t need a backup anymore, (or at least no more than one), on the Phillies.  You could count Ben Revere and Ryan Howard as okay players.  Cole Hamels is still elite and intact.  The rotation and some of the bullpen is pretty active. Starting pitcher Aaron Harang, relief pitcher Cesar Jiminez, and closer Jonathan Paplebon are all good Phillies pitchers.  But other than that, there’s nobody.  Honestly, I was wrong about the Phillies rebuilding last year.  The Phillies stink, and they won’t change unless they add some younger players to the roster.  The Phillies may be the oldest MLB team all together.  People have said that about them for multiple consecutive years now, and they still haven’t acted at all, or at least not much.  It’s too late at this point.  They missed a chance to become contenders again.  Now they’ll stink for at least several more years.  Before I conclude, I just want to predict just how bad they’ll be.  I predict that the Phillies will be 5th place in the NL East, with a 74-88 record, being ranked 25th overall.  The Phillies will be bad for as far as I can tell, but someday, they’ll have a second chance at rebuilding, and they’ll be good again, but not for a while.

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