In Detail: Chicago White Sox

This is my 5th post in my My MLB In Detail post series this April.  The White Sox have a lot of key additions from the off season, but on this team, everything’s in moderation.  For stars they have Chris Sale and second year hitting star from Cuba, Jose Abreu, but who else do they have?  They have Melky Cabrera and Adam LaRoche as new roster additions, but who else did they add besides J. B. Shuck?  They also have Shuck as backup, but who else.  That’s the big question.  There’s nothing bi or small on this team.  When you go to order from the White Sox, the only size available is medium.   That’s just how it works in this ballclub.   Despite it’s low projected record, this team might be known as stuck in the middle.  That’s just too bad for the White Sox, they aren’t any better than they are bad and vice versa.  Well, my actual statistically realistic prediction for the White Sox is to be in 4th place in the AL Central, having a 73-89 record, being ranked 26th overall.  The White Sox are that team that’s in the middle trap.  It’s really began to stick in the AL Central after the Indians did it last year.  It really stinks to be stuck in the middle because you don’t get good draft picks or make the playoffs, and it sticks, usually for multiple years.  After it’s done it gradually goes up or down.   The direction for the future right now is up.  The White Sox will be a contender in just a few years, but for now, they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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