This is How It All Got Started

According to WordPress, either last night or today celebrated the 1st anniversary of my blog, so I decided to do a post about how I started my blog.  Start a blog today and we can celebrate both our anniversaries together.  This year I had about 250 posts.  If you want to start a blog, not just about sports, but about anything you enjoy, read Find Your Talent: Start A Blog by Matt Anniss.  I couldn’t find a photo but you’ll find it if you try a library card catalog or online card catalog.  That book is what inspired me to get started after I took it out from the library.  Boy, did I find my talent from that great book.  Hopefully, you’ll find yours.  If you aren’t into blogging, check out the rest of the series.  Maybe something else is your talent.  All I know is I found mine.

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