In Detail: Arizona Diamondbacks


Above is the calendar for this year’s MLB In Detail Post Series.  Yes.  MLB In Detail is back this April.  Today is the 1st post in my MLB in Detail post series this April.  This year I kick things off with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  They really fell apart last year, surprisingly having only 64 wins.  However, I don’t expect any more this year.  The only really good players are Paul Goldschmidt and Mark Trumbo.  I don’t see much coming out of the lineup.  The power TRIO is AJ Pollock, Paul Goldschmidt and Mark Trumbo.  Arizona has fallen apart.  I don’t know who ever even held them together as they never had any stars, besides Goldschmidt and Wade Miley.  Miley was even there last year.  The rotation isn’t much better.  There are a few guys who could be aces if they were a lot better.  Jeremy Hellickson could even be a true ace.  They acquired him from the Tampa Bay Rays, once part of their star rotation, replaced by Alex Colome and Matt Moore.  They can at least get some days with decent defense with Hellickson pitching.  That’s at least one fifth of the season and other pitchers will win it for the team every once in a while.  The hitters can have good days too.  Anything is possible in sports. The point is, the D-Backs stink, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win at all.  My prediction for them is 5th place in the NL West, with an 64-98 record being ranked 30th overall. Now you can tell I’m going from worst to best again, becaues now you know I think the D-Backs will be the worst of them all.

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