March Madness:Recap So Far

March Madness.  The upsets, the big wins, and the amazing comebacks.  The sweet 16 approaches today.  I’ll be recapping everything leading up to today.  I’m not rooting for any team, so my predicted winners are the teams I want to win.  See my ESPN bracket at                      

So it started with 68 teams, ant the first four.  I was off to a good start picking Ole Miss over BYU and Dayton over Boise State.  I did not however pick Hampton or Robert Morris in the first four.  Well, the real madness starts in the round of 64.  For the most part, things went as planned.  But a few upsets that didn’t happen and a few that did should be noted.  Butler defeated Texas, I predicted Texas in a big upset there.  Another busted upset was Ole Miss beating Xavier.  Xavier won, going on to play a team you wouldn’t believe.  Baylor suffered a big round of 64 upset to Georgia State.  I predicted the upset of Ohio State beating VCU correctly, and the UCLA upset over SMU.  But, I didn’t see UAB over Iowa State coming.  That was a big surprise, losing me the first of my elite eight.  Two more upsets to go.  I successfully picked Dayton over Providence.  But, I also predicted Wyoming over Northern Iowa, which was so far from actually happening.  I had done very well as we moved on to the round of 32.  Early on, I lost one of my final four as Wichita State upset Kansas.  I also predicted an upset which didn’t happen, Iowa over Gonzaga.  Then, I predicted a huge upset correctly.  Michigan State, who would supposedly be my alternate champion for Louisville if they win the elite eight match between them if it happens, which at this point it probably will, unless Oklahoma beats Michigan State, because North Carolina State cannot beat Louisville.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, i couldn’t predict Villanova suffering an upset to North Carolina State.  Maybe they have another big upset knocking some of my best teams out.  Otherwise, any other matches where two teams I predicted to play played went as planned for the second time.  The Sweet 16 will consist of eight more match ups for me to hope my predicted winner will win.  Want to share your bracket?  Leave the link in comments, and I’ll be sure to check it out.  I’m expecting unlike myself, at least one third of the people I’ll see have picked Kentucky to win.  I think Kentucky has its weaknesses though, just like any other NCAA team.

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