Ranking The Teams 30-25:My Version

I will have my MLB in detail posts in April again, but this is just a sneak peak at my rankings, not lists, I have more to say.  I will be doing detailed monthly rankings this year. I like ESPN blogger David Schoenfield’s of ranking teams worst to best six at a time. He released his 30-25 today. My 30-25 rankings are below.

30.Arizona Diamondbacks

I totally agree with David Schoenfield on this one.  Trumbo and Goldschimt aren’t the best in the world.  Their rotation is a bust without Wade Miley.  Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster, former Red Sox pitchers won’t make up for him.  Some teams have way more than they do is the point.  Every team this year has some good players, just teams some won’t have enough or that good of players.  They will surely get wins, but they aren’t going to have enough out of just two key hitters in only Paul Goldschimt and Mark Trumbo.

My Prediction:64-98

29.Houston Astros

The Astros will start to get better, but very slowly. Losing Dexter Fowler isn’t going to help very much. The Astros also have to tough of a division they’re facing to move upward that much. They play majority of their games against the Rangers, Angels, Mariners, and Athletics, all teams that should be over the .500 mark this year. This is too tough of a league for the Astros this year. In October 2013, I would pick the Pawtucket Red Sox over the Astros. The Astros aren’t going very far with the rotation they have, and a some holes in the lineup. Sadly for Houston fans, I don’t have much hope for the 2015 Astros, but just wait, in 10 years, they could be a playoff team.

My Prediction:64-98

28.San Diego Padres

Please note that this is my Padres prediction prior to yesterday’s post on them. I can’t count on the Padres being any better than the worst, because they may be the hardest 2015 team to predict. Infact, you can help me predict farther Padres predictions by commenting on them and answering my poll on them. They’ll have a monster outfield and decent rotation with James Shields in it. I can’t expect anything out of the Padres if I just don’t know, that’s the point. Below is my prediction as of now and a poll for me to hear your 2015 Padres prediction.

My Prediction:64-98

27.Minnesota Twins

I don’t expect much from the Twins again either. They have Brian Dozier and Joe Mauer in the lineup, Kurt Suzuki catching. No key pitching, and only three even decent hitters. That doesn’t sound like a Twins team that wins a lot of games. This is making the same point as Arizona. They might have like, one or two, maybe, just maybe thre good innings a game because of these guys but they can’t score runs every time they come up to the plate, sometimes not even hits. So, I really just can’t expect much of the Twin Cities in baseball this year.

My Prediction:65-97

26.Chicago White Sox

Being ranked this low does NOT mean the White Sox stink. they will be ahead of the Twins by a good amount of games. Chris Sale will still have a good year, and newbie Melky Cabrera isn’t the only hope. Remember that Cuban rookie that starred here in 2014? He hasn’t gone anywhere unless it was to get more experience that is. They haven’t changed much since last year, just lost Alejandro De Aza and got Melky Cabrera. That means they should have a similar record. I’m visioning between 70 and 75 wins for them. They’ll get better than that sometime soon though, because they have the right guys to do it, they just haven’t showed up enough yet.

My Prediction:73-89

25.Philadelphia Phillies

I also agree, just like with the Twins and D-Backs, that the Phillies are a bottom six ball club in the MLB. They have a lot of veterans who will do something, but they’re just to old to create a team above .500. I learned from last year that I had my expectations too high for Philly. Don’t you Phillies fans get your hopes up too high, either, even after the slow rebuild thing I was wrong about last year. There was a reason nobody else noticed, it was a fraud. Other bloggers would notice if they were rebuilding. However, Cole Hamels keeps the rotation at least decent. They will still win some games as their players have plenty of experience, but they’re getting too old to have good MLB days every day. They need to get young, and when they do, they just might become good again.

My Prediction:74-88

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