Ranking The Teams 24-19:My Version

I was making agreements with the start of Schoenfield’s rankings but these next two portions were different from mine. Here’s my version of Ranking The Teams 24-19.

24.Miami Marlins

The Marlins have gotten better, but what other teams can be worse than them this year? Salty was a bust last year, and all they have is Stanton and two decent pitchers. I don’t have much to say about a team with so many youngsters I’ve never heard of. That’s why they are slightly better, and will one day become pretty good, but I’ll tell you not right now.

My Prediction:75-87

23.Colorado Rockies

I originally said “The only reason the Rockies are in third place is because the Padres and D-Backs stink.” That is mostly true, but however, it is not the only reason, but it is the main reason, and the Padres and D-Backs, especially the D-Backs, will stink. But, there are some key Colorado players. Troy Tulotwski would’ve surely helped by having an all-star like season again, and Khris Davis needs to do their job in the outfield. There are some players with potential across the Rockies ball club, they just have to find it if they want to get better soon.

My Prediction:76-86

22.Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore was a playoff team last year. Whatever they had last year, they don’t have it this year. They always had Manny Machado and didn’t make playoffs. Nelson Cruz is gone. Losing Nick Markakis won’t help much either. The Orioles are really trending down. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll be that much worse. They still have Matt Wieters, Jonathan Schoop, Chris Davis, Adam Jones and Manny Machado in the lineup. The decent pitching staff they had last year also for the most part, stuck around. Baltimore still has some key players that will really help. I could see a record around .500 coming on for the Orioles. Something between 75-81 wins.

My Prediction:77-85

21.Tampa Bay Rays

This is the third AL East team in a row. You might be wondering, “What is it with all the AL East teams?”, “Do these rankings go by division now?” They don’t, it’s just that the bottom of the AL East is very tightly squeezed projected record wise. The Rays lost David Price is the answer. That really hurts. They also lost Wil Myers and Jose Molina, desperately in need of a catcher. Wil Myers plays outfield and catcher. They didn’t lose Evan Longoria and Ben Zobrist though. They still have the rest of what made an ace rotation once. If the rest of them can stay healthy unlike last year, that would be good. They also need their big hitters to have monster seasons. Only if both of those happen will the Rays have a record over .500. I don’t think so, but they’ll be close. They’ll be just under .500 according to my prediction below.

My Predcition:80-82

20.Milwaukee Brewers

The Brew Crew hasn’t changed much since having a similar record last year, and they could have just lost Jonathan Lucroy for 4-6 weeks. They’ve been near silent in the off season, keeping the same basic team. There’s not much to say with zero or little change to a team. I think they’ll have between 75-81 wins again.

My Prediction:80-82

19.Atlanta Braves

The Braves are not going far this season. They gave up all their stars, BJ and Justin Upton, like, the two best players in the lineup. Craig Kimbrel will continue to star, but what’s the point if the rest of the team is a bust. Why not give up Craig Kimbrel Braves? Go for a good 2016 draft pick. However, they have a chance to break the .500 mark, why not go for that? Why release a pitcher when baseball has no salary cap, although it should? Why not go out there and at least try to do well? It’s a thought. The Braves need to decide whether to tank for a pick, or try for a title.

My Prediction:82-80

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